Published Scenarios for Police and MoJ Characters

Last Updated 21 April 2003.

For those of you who liked my Police and Ministry of Justice character generation rules, here's a list of some of the published scenarios that could be incorporated into a law enforcement campaign. Note that many scenarios can give rise to ideas for adventure nuggets, simply by adapting the scenario to the player character group.

Source Issue No. Article Title Comments
Challenge 33 I.R.I.S., the Imperial Regency of Intelligence and Security Mine for scenario ideas
34 Generating IRIS Characters Provides possible Contacts, or mine the description for similar scenarios
42 Tourist Trap Protect a diplomatic trade mission from the Nullians
43 Trouble in Paradise Patron is a duke, therefore the PC's may be members of MoJ
Casual Encounter: Lanya Tirenthe PC's could become involved
44 Operation Flashfire Destabilising the Zho-Imp peace is definitely something MoJ wants to prevent
Portfolio of Patrons All patrons are intel contacts
45 Toll Road Bringing down a government is MoJ's job...
46 H.P.P.E. The PCs could be investigating the suspicious ghosts
Fated Voyage PCs could be investigating the murder
49 The Dam The PCs could be sent to find the missing SPA personnel
50 No Time to Rest Rescuing Imperial nobles is a MoJ task
57 Shellgame Undercover cop could be a Contact or a PC
64 Unholier Than Thou Covert surveillance of a Hi Law world
Outback: Search and Rescue

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