Imperial Star
Office of the Duke of Regina
Deneb Unicorn
Letter of Marque
This warrant entitles the bearer, known as

[Your Name Here]
of [Homeworld]

to seize goods and citizens belonging to such enemies of the Third Imperium that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi, or one of his delegated vassals, shall deem to exist from time to time.

Furthermore, this warrant entitles the named bearer to equip a ship or ships with arms and defences,
[including space-based nuclear weapons of up to 50 kilotons,]
in order to carry out this purpose.

The named bearer is also entitled to apply for whatever assistance, whether monetary or not, that His Imperial Majesty, or one of his delegated vassals, shall deem fit to provide, from time to time.

If the warrant holder attacks and seizes goods and/or citizens of a planet, empire, confederation, federation, or other such sovereign nationality that is not named as a current enemy of the Third Imperium, they will be treated as though they had attacked an Imperial citizen, and will be subject to the full consequences of Imperial Law.

The aforesaid enemies of the Third Imperium will be those identified in separate Imperial proclamations, issued by His Imperial Majesty or one of his delegated vassals.

Norris Gold seal

Signed on [Wonday 345-1106], Regina (Regina/Spinward Marches 1910)
Aledon Aella Norris, Duke of Regina