Why No JTAS Playtests?

Last Updated 30 May 2002.

This is just a quick note on why there are no playtests conducted in the JTAS (Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society) area of Steve Jackson Games' website. This was sent to me by "Rev" Keith Johnson of SJ Games, on 3 Feb 2000.

In Steve's Jackson's own words:

We discussed this . . . a LOT . . . and finally decided to keep all the playtests in Pyramid. Reasoning:

  1. We already have a deal with the Pyramid subscribers. It includes playtests. JTAS subscribers might LIKE to have playtests, as well as universal peace and free chocolate, but if it's not set up that way from the beginning, nobody is getting ripped off. Someone who is ONLY interested in Traveller playtest, and in no other feature of JTAS, should just (continue to) subscribe to Pyramid.

  2. Running playtest in two places is hugely inconvenient to the editors and lead playtesters. Mirroring one playtest area for two zines and two sets of passwords would drive Jackie to distraction. We looked at this, briefly, and then came to our senses. So duplicating the feature is right out.

I won't get mad if an occasional playtest discussion slops into JTAS, and JTAS will be the place where we do most of our grognard-specific market research, but we will not duplicate the actual playtest here.

By the way, check out Keith's .sig:

Rev. Keith Johnson      /\     keith@sjgames.com
Assistant Webmaster    /()\    keithalanjohnson@home.com
Steve Jackson Games   /____\   reverendkeith@hotmail.com
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