Forest Products

Includes wood and wood derivatives (processed wood). Normally, transporting wood between star systems is not cost-effective. However, unusual woods may be prized on other worlds due to their beauty and/or other qualities. May be shipped in standard cargo containers (54 kl, 4 displ. tons) or simply lengths of trunk.

Primary Roll (1D) Secondary Roll (1D) Type TL Volume (kl) Weight (T) Price (Cr) Available Tons
1-3 --- Unprocessed Timber 1 13.5 27 1000 3D x 5
4-5 1-4 Lumber 2 13.5 27 4000 3D x 5
--- 5-6 Paper 2 13.5 10 40000 1D x 5
6 --- Exotic Wood 1 13.5 27 20000 1D x 10

Figures are per displacement ton.

Actual Value Modifiers
Purchase A - 6
Resale A - 6, I + 1, R + 2

Forest products are flammable, requiring protection from sparks and excessive heat. Roll 15+ during loading/shipment for a container to be breached; DM + 6 if ship is hit by enemy fire. If a breach occurs, make a task roll to avoid a fire.

To avoid setting the contents alight:
Routine, INT, instant
Referee: if breach was caused by an energy or laser weapon, or if a fire is already burning nearby, or if starport temperatures are over 40C, the task becomes Difficult. If a fire occurs aboard ship, inflict one Hold hit (Book 2) or Internal Explosion (HG/MT) per turn of uncontrolled burning.

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