Industrial World (In)

Industrial Worlds are the powerhouses of the Imperium. They are primarily responsible for advances in technology, and are the main suppliers of manufactured goods across the empire.

This is a representative selection of the items on offer. Roll 3D on the table below to determine the specific category of the available cargo.

In our example, the referee for our PC's at Roup rolls 6 on 3D and proceeds to the Vehicles table.
Roll (3D) Available Cargo
3 Gravitic Components
4 Vacc Suits
5 Electronics
6 Vehicles
7 Machinery
8 Weapons and Body Armor
9 Semi-finished Metal Products
10 Chemicals
11 Clothing
12 Consumer Goods
13 Polymers
14 Mining, Farming and Construction Equipment
15 Medical Supplies
16 Fusion Power System Components
17 Grav Vehicles and Small Spacecraft
18 Computers and Cybernetics

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