Resource (Non-Industrial) World (Ni)

Resource Worlds are the most numerous type of world in the Imperium, and are the main suppliers of raw materials across the empire.

This is a representative selection of the materials on offer. On the table below, roll 1D for the overall type, 1D for the general type, then 2D to determine the specific category of the available cargo.

Roll (1D)
Overall Type Secondary
Rolls (1D)
General Type Tertiary
Rolls (2D)
Specific Cargo
1-3 Unprocessed Substances 1-4 Refined Ores 2-3 Non-metals
4-8 Ferrous Metals
9-10 Non-ferrous metals
11-12 Radioactives
5-6 Other Refined Substances 2-7 Raw Hydrocarbons
8-11 Raw Crystals
12 Raw Precious Gems
4-6 Processed Substances 1-4 Processed Ores 2 Precious Metals
3 Zinc
4 Copper
5 Non-metals
6 Iron
7 Steel
8 Aluminium
9 Tin
10 Nickel
11 Radioactives
12 Rare Earths
5-6 Other Processed Substances 2-3 Crystals
4-7 Hydrocarbons
8-11 Nitrogen Compounds
12 Precious Gems

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