Pressurised Shelters

Includes pressure tents and advanced bases for use on a worlds surface.

Roll (1D) Type TL Volume (kl) Weight (T) Price (Cr) Number Avail
1-3 Pressure Tent 7 0.03 0.025 2000 3D
4-5 Advanced Base 8 72 6 50000 2D
6 Dombase 9 159 7.25 75000 1D

All volumes are as collapsed for transportation.

Actual Value Modifiers
Purchase I - 3, R - 2, P + 2, Va/As - 2
Resale I - 2, R - 1, Ni + 2, P + 2, Va/As + 2


Pressure Tent
Basic shelter for two persons. Standard atmosphere provided. No airlock included; tent must be depressurised in to leave.
Advanced Base
Shelter for 8 persons for a two month stay. Two semi-private bedrooms provide bunks (4 per room), and a large living area allows recreation. Access is via a double manual hatch airlock, featuring recycling to minimise air loss. Rated to withstand -50°C to 100°C and resist 200 kph winds when anchored. Standard ration-load is 800 person-days. Power plant will run for 100 days without recharging.
Normal dimensions are 7.5m x 7.5m x 3m high, collapsable to 6m x 6m x 2m.
One example is the GSbAG Model 317 Pressurised Shelter (from Best of the Journal 5-8).
A larger version of the advanced base, the dombase can support 8 persons for a 2 month stay. Similar in performance to the advanced base, the hemispherical (geodesic) structure also includes a basic medicentre, including an automated medical robot ("mechocter").
Normal dimensions are 9 m diameter rising to 3.5 m in the centre, collapsing to 2.5 m for storage and transport.
One example is the LSP Model 215 Dombase (see High Passage #4).

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