Vacuum Worlds and Asteroid Belts

Vacuum Worlds and Asteroid Belts provide stores of readily accessable raw materials as well as being at the forefront of space-oriented life-support technologies across the Imperium.

This is a representative selection of the items on offer. Roll 2D on the table below to determine the specific category of the available cargo.

Note: although there are unique products included below, many of the items could either have been produced locally or been shipped in from some Industrial or Resource World. They are readily available because they are used extensively at Vacuum Worlds and Asteroid Belts.

Roll (2D) Available Cargo
2 Small Craft
3 Explosives
4 Frozen Gases
5 Mining Lasers
6 Processed Ores
7 Refined Substances
8 Vacc Suits
9 Pressurised Shelters
10 Other Processed Minerals
11 Vehicles
12 Vacuum Processed Products

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