Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Various devices to enable air-breathing sentients to survive underwater.

Roll (2D) Type TL Vol/
Unit (l)
Unit (kg)
Unit (Cr)
Box (kl)
Box (T)
Box (MCr)
2-3 Artificial Gill 8 6 4 4000 50 0.45 0.24 0.2
4-7 Air Tanks (open SCUBA) 5 5 2.5 800 100 0.75 0.3 0.08
8-10 Oxy Rebreather (closed SCUBA) 8 8 4 2000 50 0.6 0.24 0.1
11-12 Powered Gill 12 4 3 5000 50 0.3 0.18 0.25
13 1.5 0.5 7500 60 0.135 0.036 0.45

Boxes Available: 1D x 5.


Air Tanks (open SCUBA)
Include a regulator and breathing connections. Tanks are designed to hold a compressed gas mix such as air (oxygen-nitrogen mix); they are shipped empty. One tank lasts 2 hours and costs Cr 5 to refill.
Oxy Rebreather
A closed-circuit SCUBA system that uses a chemical charge to absorb CO2 and reclaim oxygen. One side effect is that the device produces no tell-tale bubbles to indicate the user's position. Functions for 6-8 hours. Chemical charges cost Cr 100.
Artificial Gill
Extracts oxygen from water, allowing virtually unlimited duration. Includes a tank that adds nitrogen or helium for mixing with oxygen. Exhaled CO2 is eliminated, with the other gases recirculated.
Powered Gill
Variant of the artificial gill. Converts water to hydrogen and oxygen, expelling the hydrogen and combining the oxygen with a carried nitrogen or helium gas supply. The miniature TL 13 version is a light-weight mouth-piece-type device that runs on a small battery [basically a James Bond-style device]. This variant can only supply nitrogen as the mixing gas.

For all of the above, see the MegaTraveller Imperial Encyclopedia or The Undersea Environment for more details on usage.

Actual Value Modifiers
Purchase I - 3, R - 1, Wa - 4
Resale Ni + 2, P + 2, Wa - 1

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