Protein Concentrate

A food concentrate processed from marine life, used widely on Non-Agricultural and Industrial worlds as a food staple. Mostly sold as bland (but nutritious) compressed cakes. Transported in standard cargo containers.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (Cr) Containers Available
Protein Concentrate 54 4 2000 2D

Actual Value Modifiers
Purchase Wa - 2, I + 2
Resale Wa - 2, I + 2, P + 1

Organic Chemicals

Chemicals extracted from plant and animal marine life. Roll for type and then use the specific Chemicals table entries from the Industrial World tables for specific details.

Roll (1D) Type
1-3 Explosives
4-6 Fertilizers


Drugs or feedstocks.

Roll on the Pharmaceuticals table of the Agricultural World tables.

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