Tavonni Specialities

Last Updated 20 July 2002.

Tavonni is an enterprising, progressive, and growing colony that welcomes dynamic and innovative companies. The traveller can consult with or purchase from a number of organisations either based in the Tavonni system or represented by shopfronts. This section lists some of our special interests and the companies involved - feel free to have a wander through our town centre!


Menelvagor Ltd logo

Menelvagor Ltd
One of the founding merchant trading companies of Tavonni.

Robot, Vehicle, and Weapon Designs

trendi logo

          The premier robot, vehicle and weapon design company
          and manufacturer on Tavonni.

Soldiers of Fortune

Adifux Inc LIC Pty Ltd ("Adifux ink lick phtooey {wait for it - ptang!} looted...")
Based on Rhylanor, this somewhat motley crew is actually an elite starmerc unit specialising in... well, at this stage, unorthodox "asset extractions". Current members include Sir Eoraokortitrikhue ("Huey"), Sir Ervmisbe ("Irving"), Sir Dakhrongkae, Sir Isaac "Ike" Anselheim, [Noel's character], [Mick Barry's character], and [Michael Hughes' character]. Attendant robots include E.R.I.C. and The Luggage. Current starships include the Eisern Faust and Scotian Deep, while their main vehicle is the Unresolved G-Carrier.

Beum Squad
A starmerc group specialising in explosions - sorry, "beums". Current whereabouts unknown, but you can leave them a message at the Beowulf Down enquiry desk. Just ensure the message isn't ticking, or else the reply certainly will be!

Fred von Aaamgaaaash, MCUF + bar
Retired Imperial Navy E9 Master Chief Petty Officer (Engineering)
Former retired Imperial Scout E8 Supervisor (Operations)

Starport Designs

Ivan Brunel's Macroengineering (IBM)
Contact Ivan Brunel, graduate of the Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine (IASM) - Lanth, and designer of both Beowulf Down and Caradoc Down.

Starship and Spacecraft Designs

Lone Scout Enterprises logo
Lone Scout Enterprises
The primary starship repairer and spaceship manufacturer on Tavonni. While their premier starship is the Golden Wanderer Far Trader, they can also assemble ships designed by Pixie, Glisten, and Rhylanor Shipyards, along with most small Imperial-standard designs.

Maintenance and Repair Facilities

Repair Bays logo
Tavonni Repair Bays
This is Beowulf Down's maintenance and repair area, dealing with the game mechanics or Real World background to Traveller.

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