trendi - The Company

Last Updated 8 September 1999.

tavonni research, engineering & design, inc (trendi) supplies premier vehicles and equipment. We specialise in unique, custom-built designs, although we can also supply many standard items.

We also act as a factor for a number of well-respected companies in the Spinward Marches. For example, we can supply robots designed by the Rhylanor Institute of Technology.

Our founder, Baroness Heidi Maria Heyerdahl, incorporated trendi at Lanth (Lanth/Spinward Marches 1719) on 056-1103. Once established, the company transferred to Tavonni (Vilis/Spinward Marches 1520), becoming one of the founding companies of the colony. trendi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Menelvagor Ltd, and the Baroness is its owner and chairman.

We are currently located at Beowulf Down Starport, while our new workshops south-west of The Plateau are completed.

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