trendi Vector Mk I, TL 8 Fast Roadster (Striker)

Last Updated 9 May 2000.


The Vector Mk I has a crew of 1 (driver) and can carry 1 passenger. It mounts no weapons.


Dimensions: Height: 1.1m     Width: 2.5m     Length: 5.0m     (1 disp. ton)
Total usable volume: 10 cu m     Weight: 8.8 tons (can float).
Price: Sale, Cr70,000; Build, Cr47,000; Profit Cr33,000.
Movement: Road 389kmh/324cm, Cross-country 77kmh/64cm, Max 399kmh(247mph)/332cm (unladen).
Armour: Front, 4; Rear, 3; Sides/Deck/Belly, 2.
Tgt Size DMs: Low +1, no high hits.
Equipment: 200-power radio/sound system, heads-up display, air conditioning.
Power: 2.59MW MHD turbine consumes 777 l per hour, fuel capacity enough for 2 hours at max (1554 l).
Cargo: 0.4 cu m (400kg).

Vector and Jet Fighter

Designer's Notes

This is my attempt to model the real-world Vector W2 Twin-Turbo using the Striker rules. Results? The speed is pretty accurate, but the real-world car can carry 2 passengers.

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