Tavonni: the Real Campaign

Last Updated 14 January 2002.

7. Traveller Aid Society (TAS) News Service

REGINA/REGINA (1910-A-788899-A)

Date: 316-1105

The Office of Naval Information announced today that the recently discovered base in the Ruie system was an Ine Givar guerilla base. Recently promoted Sector Admiral Lord Santanocheev denied rumours that Zhodani personnel were discovered at the base.

"What we had at Ruie was only a minor guerrilla base, poorly equipped and staffed. Its only concern was sabotage in the Ruie system." The Sector Admiral confirmed that the disastrous crash of the ex-Oberlindes subsidised merchant Scorby and the sabotage and destruction of the Imperial Patrol Cruiser Fighting Agnus were both the work of this group. However, he denied that a Zhodani Strike Cruiser had been detected in the system.

When pressed on the subject of Zhodani moves in the Regina subsector he replied, "There have been no Zhodani moves in this subsector. I fought the Zhodani twenty years ago, and I know there are no Zhodani's within 10 parsecs if this subsector."

Naval Intelligence, the parallel office to the Office of Naval Information, refused to comment beyond stating that their initial report had been accurate. Eight weeks ago, NI produced a report stating that a well-equipped Zhodani base had been found in the Ruie system. At that time, ground crews at Regina starport confirmed that a battle-damaged starship from Ruie had been berthed at Regina, under some secrecy.Omega Symbol - End of Report

TAVONNI/VILIS (1520-B-567411-F)

Date: 359-1105

Duke Leto Atreides announced in an emergency press conference that a state of war appears to exist between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. The Duke explained that an express boat had escaped from Frenzie/Vilis in the wake of a battle between a substantial Zhodani battle fleet and the Imperial 23rd Fleet, which had been stationed at the subsector capital.

He went on to state that the 23rd Fleet had probably been forced out of the Frenzie system, but refused to speculate on its current whereabouts.

When questioned about a possible Sword World threat, Duke Leto stated that this possibility was being investigated by the local scout base. Squadron SR 96 has been dispatched to an unknown destination as part of this scouting mission. As a further precaution, and until the extent of the threat is known, the Vilis subsector has been declared an provisional Amber Zone by the local scout base.

The final announcement made by the Duke was that he had assumed overall command of all vessels in the Tavonni system, using the emergency provisions of the Tavonni Constitution. All craft are being incorporated into the Tavonni Planetary Navy for system defence purposes. However, this should not disrupt travel in the direction of Lanth/Lanth, the Duke stated. "Non-military craft will be given missions in accordance with their abilities, which includes passenger and cargo transport. Civilian vessels will not be forced to fight, although volunteers will be welcome. Fleet couriers, scouts, and merchant ships will become some of our prime links with the rest of the Marches, especially if communications links are cut in the fighting," stated the Duke.Omega Symbol - End of Report

TAVONNI/VILIS (1520-B-567411-F)

Date: 361-1105

In a terse announcement today, Duke Leto Atreides, speaking through his newly appointed seneschal Daniel Garcia, stated that he had received word that Frenzie/Vilis has fallen to the Zhodani invasion.

The same report said that Garda-Vilis/Vilis was under a heavy siege by the same Zhodani fleet which had captured the subsector capital. It is believed that the system cannot hold out against the invaders.

When questioned further, the seneschal said that the Zhodani fleet was assumed to be jump-3 in capacity, and therefore could not get to Tavonni earlier than two weeks. "It is doubtful that we will even be attacked," said the seneschal. "Our best analysers all believe that the Zhodanis will attempt to consolidate the Vilis group before moving on. This will allow reinforcements to arrive and bolster our forces."

Fleet couriers have been dispatched to call for reinforcements, although precise flight plans are highly secret.

The Duke announced that Baroness Heidi Maria Heyerdahl would be part of his entourage, in a liaison position. This placement should leave no doubt as to the loyalty of the Baroness, and display the trust accorded her by the Duke. The Baroness' family once held estates on Tizon/Sword Worlds but these were stolen from them during the coup-de-etat three years ago. She inherited her elder brother's self-made Imperial fortune when he was killed by pirates at Regina. "I think of the Imperium and Tavonni as my home now," said a smiling Baroness when questioned about her loyalties. "I have no wish to see the planet I helped build destroyed by a worthless group of grasping pirates. I will fight against any fleet from the Sword Worlds or Zhodane," she said. The Baroness owns Tavonni Starport Control, a major contributor to the development of the planet, so her claim about Tavonni is well-founded. Her armed merchant cruiser Bonaventure will be an asset in future days.

Additionally, Daniel Garcia, the SPA Chief Inspector, has been made seneschal to the Duke. He is heir to the Marquis Arba, of Arba/Lunion. Stefan Luchee has been promoted to the position of Chief Inspector.Omega Symbol - End of Report


Date: 002-1106

The Imperial 193rd Fleet arrived in-system today. Fleet Admiral Gvungughz has issued a statement that Efate is under attack by two large and well-equipped Zhodani fleets. It appears that a state of war exists between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate.

"We destroyed five Zhodani vessels in the fight, but in the end were outclassed by the two fleets. The Efate Cruiser Squadron was destroyed by heavy enemy fire, and we were forced to break off the engagement. Scout Squadron SR 321 has jumped to Feri to inform the population there."

The admiral warned the Zhodani and Vargr forces that the Imperial forces would not rest until the war was over. "We may have lost one battle, but we will win the war," said the admiral as he left for his flagship.

Fleet Admiral Gvungughz is a Vargr admiral who was hired by the Imperium to run the naval campaign at Efate. Other naval commanders said that he had fought well against overwhelming odds. "If it hadn't been for his brilliant naval tactics, we would have been totally wiped out and not done any damage to the enemy," said one officer privately.

The news of Efate's invasion and the cutting of the communication route to the Jewells, is a major blow to the Imperium, coming as it does a week after the news of Kinorb's invasion by Vargr forces, and the possibility that the whole Kinorb Cluster may have fallen to the invaders.Omega Symbol - End of Report

LUNION/LUNION (2124-A-995984-D)

Date: 009-1106

Word has been received today by private fleet courier of the fall of Frenzie, the capital of the Vilis subsector. The Imperial 23rd Fleet was forced away from the Frenzie system by a large Zhodani battle fleet. A state of war is assumed to be in force between the Zhodani Consulate and the Imperium.

Garda-Vilis/Vilis has also been invaded and is not expected to be able to resist the invading fleet.

The news was relayed from Tavonni/Vilis, where retired Sector Admiral, Duke Leto Atreides is rallying a "colonial" fleet known as the Caradoc Task Force. It is believed that the fleet will hold position at Tavonni in expectation of Imperial reinforcments.Omega Symbol - End of Report

LUNION/LUNION (2124-A-995984-D)

Date: 010-1106

Fleet Admiral Stvi announced today that the Imperial 213th Fleet will be supplying reinforcements to the Caradoc Task Force. The 213th will leave major fleet elements at Lunion to defend against a possible Sword Worlds threat, and will temporarily travel to Tavonni to deliver the reinforcements.

When asked about the "possible Sword Worlds threat", the admiral said that the extent of the threat was not known at this stage, and the detachment of squadrons was just a precautionary measure. "Any Sword World forces would be foolish to attack Lunion. We have much better forces than they do; our ships are much more advanced. Our system defence boats could take out an entire Sword Worlds fleet, let alone our battleships!"

The admiral stated that he did not know the situation in the Jewell or Regina subsectors, but has sent fleet couriers to Rhylanor and Lanth for more information. "The 214th at Glisten will also be informed of the situation, and will probably also send fleet elements forward to reinforce the front lines."Omega Symbol - End of Report

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