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Last Updated 3 April 2002.

Count Leto Khaanraarshuinki (a retired Fleet Admiral) and Gukushriiken (a retired Imperial Army general) mustered out at Regina ( Regina / Spinward Marches 1910) on 001-1099. The two had met each other during their service lives, and decided to team up and pool their resources (which included their retirement benefits and Leto's family fortune). They joined forces with two ex- Scouts and a merchant, and began trading.

By 1101, they had grown to include five scout ships and six merchantmen. The group moved to the Outrim Void (actually to the Egryn subsector, Trojan Reach ), established Caradoc LIC, and began securing footholds on various worlds in the region. Experiencing security difficulties (with pirates, locals, and other merchants), Caradoc hired an Aslan merc company from the Darrian Consulate. The Aslan were paid in cash, and by land grants purchased by Caradoc.

In 1104, miners working for Caradoc made a lanthanum strike in the Egryn subsector. The announcement made Caradoc's share price rise dramatically, and the company poured its increased capital back into trading (still the heart of the business). In 1112, Caradoc announced it had discovered the Bright Light, an Azhanti High Lightning-class frontier cruiser that had gone missing in the Outrim Void in 1108. Claiming salvage rights, they were able to make the ship part of their fleet. By 1117, the trading corporation was worth TCr 1 and their factors were spread across three subsectors.

When Leto and Gunderlinyou learned of the death of Strephon, they foresaw trouble in the Outrim Void. Guessing at the probable response of the ihatei - with knowledge gained from trading with them - led them to a decision to abandon their trading bases and retreat to the Marches. Although costly, Leto saw it as a better choice than losing the lot - which was his forecast.

While scouring the Marches for a new base, Leto cut a deal with Ling Standard Products to become a subsidiary company. This gave Caradoc access to much-needed contacts within the Marches, and provided another capital base to draw upon. When the scouts returned, Leto decided that Tavonni was the best choice for a base. It was uninhabited, with land available for his Aslan; it was in the under-developed Vilis subsector, giving the company enough elbow-room to expand; and it was centrally located.

Leto travelled to Regina to personally petition Archduke Norris for the Tavonni system, where he met Baroness Heidi Maria Heyerdahl of Menelvagor Ltd.

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