Tavonni Sidebar: Current Caradoc LIC Factors and Jump Routes

Last Updated 19 January 1998.
Office TypeDescription
Major OfficeLarge factor with at least 20 personnel actively involved in trade, transport, and speculative ventures
Minor OfficeSmall factor with about 5 personnel involved with small but regular trade activities and minor speculation
Jump LinkAn account exists for fuel and supplies; no office exists
Jump RouteGenerally taken as being in order down the pages below; most are jump-2 far trader routes unless stated otherwise

Subsector System Description
Jewell Jewell Major office; subsector HQ
Emerald Minor office
Ruby Minor office
Esalin Minor office
Mongo Minor office
Lysen Jump link; a jump-6 communications link exists to Regina
Vilis Tavonni Caradoc Main Base; sector HQ; 50 personnel; links to Lanth/Lanth and Rabwhar/Lunion
Vilis Major office
Saurus Minor office
District 268 Milagro Minor office
Forine Minor office
Tarkine Minor office
Talos Minor office; links to Mertactor/District 268
Mertactor Minor office
Collace Major office; subsector HQ
Trexalon Minor office
Motmos Minor office
Regina Dentus Minor office; links to Kinorb/Regina
Heya Minor office
Yorbund Minor office
Kinorb Major office; Kinorb Cluster HQ
Becks World Jump link
Feri Minor office
Roup Minor office
Hefry Minor office
Regina Major office; subsector HQ; links to Dinomn/Lanth and a jump-6 communications link exists to Lysen/Jewell
Lanth Lanth Major office; links to Tavonni/Lanth; communications link to Ghandi/Lanth
Ghandi Jump link; links to Dinomn/Lanth
Dinomn Minor office; links to Regina/Regina
Rech Minor office; jump-4 communications link to Tureded/Lanth
Tureded Major office; subsector HQ; links to Gileden/Rhylanor
La'Belle Jump link
Icetina Minor office
Cogri Minor office; links to Heroni/Mora
Lunion Rabwhar Jump link; links to Tavonni/Vilis and Ianic/Lunion
Strouden Minor office
Sharrip Jump link
Capon Minor office; links to Byret/Mora
Lunion Major office; subsector HQ
Ianic Minor office
Adabicci Minor office
Tenalphi Minor office; links to Spirelle/Lunion
Spirelle Minor office
Wardn Jump link
Smoug Minor office; links to Grote/Glisten
Glisten Grote Minor office; links to Smoug/Lunion and Milagro/District 268
Egypt Minor office; links to Mertactor/District 268
Overnale Minor office
Glisten Major office; subsector HQ; links to Tsarina/Glisten
Tsarina Minor office; links to Bendor/Glisten
Bendor Minor office; links to Sorel/Glisten and Ffudn/Glisten
Sorel Minor office; links to Glisten/Glisten
Ffudn Minor office; links to Burtson/Trin's Veil
Aramis Zila Minor office
Pysadi Minor office; links to Zila/Aramis, Patinir/Aramis, and Aramis/Aramis
Patinir Minor office
Aramis Major office; subsector HQ; links to Vinorian/Rhylanor
Rhylanor Vinorian Minor office; links to Aramis/Aramis
Henoz Minor office; links to Risek/Rhylanor
Celepina Minor office
Jae Tellona Minor office
Porozlo Minor office; links to Gileden/Rhylanor
Rhylanor Major office; subsector HQ
Gileden Jump link; links to Tureded/Lanth
Mora Heroni Major office; links to Fosey/Mora and Byret/Mora
Fosey Minor office; links to Byret/Mora
Byret Major office; subsector HQ; links to Capon/Lunion
Mercury Minor office
Catuz Minor office
Moran Jump link
Mora Major office
Nadrin Minor office
Palique Minor office
Nexine Jump link; links to Katarulu/Trin's Veil
Trin's Veil Katarulu Minor office; links to Nexine/Mora
Pepernium Minor office
Conway Minor office
Burtson Minor office; links to Conway/Trin's Veil and Ffudn/Glisten
Hammermium Minor office
Prilissa Minor office
Trin Major office; subsector HQ
Hazel Minor office

  1. This amounts to 630 ground personnel (580 not at Tavonni).
  2. The Tavonni Planetary Navy contains 4328 personnel, not including the Khtai and Planetoid Monitor.
  3. The Ashsiimkir-Ftai Regiment contains 3314 personnel. [AT LEAST!]
  4. The following are not included in this census:
Thus, the current minimum population of Tavonni is 7692.
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