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The Tavonni Planetary Navy (TPN) was born out of the Caradoc Task Force, a squadron originally envisioned as the planetary defence force for Vargo's Star ( Egryn / Trojan Reach 1209). It was also to provide escort vessels for the Caradoc merchant fleet, and couriers to link together the various Caradoc factors throughout the Spinward Marches.

The basic role of the Task Force was expanded in 1114 to encompass mercenary operations with the permanent ticket offered to the Darrian Aslan mercenary company Ftai. In order to transport the company, the Task Force obtained a number of Aslan vessels from the Trojan Reach. The Ftai travelled from the Darrian subsector to the Outrim Void (Egryn subsector), and then to various hot-spots as guards for Caradoc factors.

This role was further expanded when Caradoc LIC purchased the system of Tavonni ( Vilis / Spinward Marches 1520). Count Leto Khaanraarshuinki established the TPN using the Caradoc Task Force as the core of the new fleet. Further vessels were purchased as part of an increased system defence fleet, organised around the new centre of Caradoc's operations - Tavonni. Count Leto retained the Task Force as the strike element of the TPN, while creating new squadrons solely for system defence.

The Ftai company also moved to Tavonni, and was awarded land grants on the new world. The company expanded to regiment size by 1130 and was renamed Ashsiimkir-Ftai. Further Aslan ships have been purchased as transports and support craft.


The original flagship of the task force is the 60,000 ton Scout Cruiser Bright Light. This vessel is one of the Azhanti High Lightning -class ships. The vessel was posted as missing on 169-1108, during a deep sweep inside the Outrim Void. Ships of the Caradoc Task Force discovered the vessel on 215-1112, empty and drifting deep in the Egryn subsector. The vessel was salvaged to become the flagship. Caradoc's ownership was legally recognised by the Imperium on 261-1117.

The current flagship, Khtai, is a surplus Imperial Navy Kokkirakk-class dreadnought supplied to the Tavonni Planetary Navy on extended loan.

The remainder of the fleet is made up of specialist ships tailored to the needs of the particular operation the force is involved in. The low tonnages of the remaining vessels (3000 tons or less) mean that they are not a serious threat to ships of the line (30,000 tons and up). As a unit, however, thay are capable of holding off a small invading force.

Transport of the Ashsiimkir-Ftai regiment is undertaken by a squadron of eight Eiaikeiar (Hero)-class Intruder Transports. These are 3000 tons each, and are a fine example of Aslan shipbuilding. Each ship can carry 253 troops (a reinforced company) which means that a full regiment can be transported by the squadron. Each vessel has been modified to carry two Imperial Marine Grav APCs (12.5 tons each) along with five standard 10-ton fire support vehicles.

The main fighting vessels of the fleet are five Midu Agashaam-class destroyers, 3000 tons each. This class was still experimental when the Imperium originally loaned them to the task force. The loan conditions were that a small squadron was assigned to the TPN on a trial basis - in most previous trials, the class was deployed in oversize squadrons of ten. The vessels met their design parameters admirably, and the Imperium allowed the TPN to retain the squadron after the Sword Worlds threat was over.

The escort and scouting role is filled by six Kinunir-class Colonial Cruisers. They can provide indirect fire support for ground troops. At 1200 tons, their small size and streamlining allow them to engage in fire-fights on the battlefield without coming into extreme danger. This class also fills the merchant destroyer role admirably.

Two classes of Destroyer Escorts are being evaluated the determine priority for purchase. Ten Chrysanthenum-class ships are being trialled alongside ten Fer-de-lance-class ships, both ships in the 1000 tons class. The vessels are jump-4/6G, able to react swiftly to threats.

Four Broadsword-class Mercenary Cruisers of 800 tons are used to provide a tactical reserve capable of rapid insertion onto a battlefield. Two of them are fitted for jump troops. This allows for an emergency reserve.

Inter-fleet communication is handled by six 400 ton Fleet Couriers. This ship is only capable of 2G acceleration and it is recommended that this ship not be exposed to serious combat.

Twelve Gazelle-class Close Escorts provide dedicated escorts for the fleet. These small 200 ton ships can also be used for anti-smuggling and piracy suppression activities. However, this class is not suitable for a battlefield, and in large-scale space combat situations they are nearly worthless.

The dedicated short-range communications ships are six standard Scout/Couriers , 100 tons. This class is used because of the standardised design, which means low cost and easier maintenance and modification.

Lastly, for the defence of Tavonni, one 20,000 ton Planetoid Monitor was purchased and transferred to this system during a fleet exercise with the Imperial Navy's 151st Fleet.

Table of Ships
No. Ship Class Tonnage Ship Type
1 Kokkirakk 200,000 ton Dreadnought Khtai, current flagship
1 Azhanti High Lightning, original flagship 60,000 ton Scout Cruiser Bright Light
8 Eiaikeiar 3000 ton Aslan Intruder Transport
5 Midu Agashaam 3000 ton Destroyer
6 Kinunir 1200 ton Colonial Cruiser
10 Chrysanthenum 1000 ton Destroyer Escort
10 Fer-de-lance 1000 ton Destroyer Escort
4 Broadsword 800 ton Mercenary Cruiser
6 Fleet Courier 400 ton Fleet Courier
12 Gazelle 200 ton Close Escort
6 Scout/Courier 100 tonScout/Courier
1 Planetoid Monitor 20,000 ton Planetoid Monitor (no jump)

The Ashsiimkir-Ftai Regiment

The main military force on Tavonni is the Ashsiimkir-Ftai regiment (variously translated as "?????", etc).


The regiment's history begins with the Darrian Aslan mercenary company Ftai. Count Leto Khaanraarshuinki required a security force to protect factors that Caradoc LIC established in the Outrim Void. His partner in Caradoc, the retired General Gukushriiken, had heard of the prowess of Aslan soldiers such as the Teahleikhoi Mercenary Regiment, the various Darrian Aslan mercenary units, and even the Emperor's own Aslan Guard Regiment. Together they decided to offer a "dream ticket " to the Darrian Aslan mercenaries. The ticket required a company-sized unit to travel to the Egryn Subsector as Caradoc's security force, and included the provision of land grants and high-tech equipment. The Ftai infantry company won the ticket and relocated to Vargo's Star ( Egryn / Trojan Reach 1209) in 1103. The unit travelled variously around Egryn, acting as Caradoc's personal trouble-shooters. It widened its role and skills, adding a jump troop arm in 1108.

After Strephon's death, Count Leto foresaw trouble in the Outrim Void. He relocated Caradoc to Tavonni in early 1118, and made it his main base of operations. This decision changed the role of the Ftai. No longer just a security force, it had to expand to cover the defence of a planet. Leto negotiated a permanent deal with the unit, giving its members citizenship and land in exchange for loyalty and service.

As befitting the defence force of an Imperial world, enlistment opened to all races. To reflect this, the company name changed to Ashsiimkir-Ftai in 1119. Recruitment retained much of the strict nature that existed under the original Aslan command, ensuring that the unit retained its elite status. Changes have occurred in terms of some equipment and composition. Some Vilani and Solomani traditions have been adopted. Through it all, however, one essential fact remains. The regiment retains much Aslan culture, with history, traditions, and honour unchanged over half a century of warfare in and out of the Darrian Confederation and Imperium. This is a proud tradition for the soldiers of the regiment to bear.

The company grew to regimental size by 1130 with the addition of a tank company, a jump troop company, etc ?????.



Jump Troops
Transport ships (refer to the Caradoc Task Force above)

[Steal this from Aslan Mercenary Ships, Book 2. Actual current stats will be forthcoming, and will probably include TL 15 artillery and fire-support, etc.]

War Additions

The Tavonni Constitution allows the Count to commandeer any or all private vessels in the Tavonni system in the event of hostilities. This has only ever been invoked once: at the time of the Sword Worlds land-grab in 1132.

Example of War Additions: the Sword Worlds Land-Grab

On 159-1132, Count Leto Khaanraarshuinki used his executive powers to commandeer all the private vessels in the Tavonni system into the Tavonni Planetary Navy. In addition, the local IISS base commander turned over tactical control of the local Scout assets to the Count.

The following vessels were included in this roster:

Owner/Source Name Description
Caradoc LIC Tavonni Planetary Navy Details given above
Ashsiimkir-Ftai Regiment Details given above
The Scout Base Scout Squadron SR 96 8 Scout/Couriers, standard design
Express Boat Tender, 1000 tons
2 Express Boats (current disposition)
2 Scout/Couriers assigned to the base
Caradoc LIC,
Menelvagor Ltd,
and Lone Scout Enterprises
(joint owners)
Lady Karmin Lord Somerset-class Merchant Liner, 600 tons, J3
9-Benjamin Cade (Phil) Morning Star Morning Star-class Dreadnought, 100,000 tons, J0
(jump drives disabled) (still being built??)
Bartholemew 10 Bartholemew-class Jump Tankers
Baden-Powell (Traunie) Platinum Wanderer Wanderer-class Merchant, 500 tons, J3
Vengance (The Black Ship) ?-class Merchant
Planetoid Monitor ?-class Planetoid Monitor, 20,000 tons
----- 2 Deva-class shuttles
Traunie's medico (NOT Jane!) Guardian Angel ?-class Medical Ship, ? tons (over 1000)
Heidi Maria Heyerdahl (Hyphen) Bonaventure Bonaventure-class Merchant Cruiser, 12810 tons, J3
Mithril Wanderer Wanderer-class Merchant, 500 tons, J3
----- ?-class SDB Buffered Planetoid, 1000 tons
Beowulf Orbital Eshpidar-class Orbital Station, 1000 tons
Orb Orb-class Orbital Refinery at the GG, Ryzel
The rest of the system Ukushki Sar Kinunir-class Colonial Cruiser, 1250 tons
----- Explorer-class Survey Cruiser, 800 tons, J3
----- 2 Lord Somerset-class Merchant Liners, 600 tons, J3
----- 2 Maru-class Merchants, 500 ton
----- Valor-class Missile Corvette, 400 tons
----- Kurgliash-class Medical Scout, 400 tons
----- Desiree Keah-class Yacht, 400 tons, J4
Rudolph Gazelle-class Close Escort, 200 tons
----- 2 Empress Marava-class Merchants, 200 tons
----- Scout/Courier, 100 tons
----- Seeker-class, standard conversion, 100 tons

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