The Brindabella Classic

Updated 8 November 1998

Brindabella Classic 1998

Sunday 8 November 1998 - 8.30am.

1998 Report and Results

Brindabellla Classic 1998

South Canberra Tuggeranong made a great comeback to take the 
relay teams and overall first placing in the Brindabellla Classic 
The weather at the top of Mt Ginini was foggy, misty, and rainy, 
when the runners started on their way down towards Mt Franklin 
for the first leg or drink stations 1 and 2 of the race.
At drink station 5, the individual leader was Greg Love by some 9 
minutes over Trevor Jacobs.
Also at drink station 5, Adelaide Harriers were in front of South 
Canberra Tuggeranong in the relay event.
However some good running in the second half of the race saw 
both those places reversed at the finish in the Cotter reserve.

Trevor Jacobs was the individual winner, and Pip Thorn was first 
female, South Canberra Tuggeranong was the first relay team

Grahame Kerruisch has run 240 marathons and over 100 Ultras, 
and finished his twelth Classic.  Last to finish, John Brett at 61 
years of age, completed his tenth Classic

Chris Gamble, Kelvin Marshall, Alan Duus and Mick Kilham 
completed their sixth Classics.

1 The Comeback Champs	R107 SCT	3:33.56	1st Relay team
2 Adelaide Harriers 2	R104		3:45.13
3 Divers		R133		3:47.55
4 Adelaide Harriers 2	R103		3:53.29
5 Bronwyn and Da Boyz	R120		3:53.48
6 Trevor Jacobs				3:53.58	1st Male
7 Greg Love				3:54.57	2nd Male
9 Andrew's Army		R122		4:01.10
9 Wild Bush Horses	R115		4:06.40
10 Craig Wisdom				4:07.11	3rd Male
11 Danny and the Ex-President	R127	4:08.25
12 Ben Brikcius				4:15.49
13 David Turner				4:15.56
14 Kenbar		R134		4:16.24
15 Kelvin Marshall			4:17.22
16 Trinity Triers	R125		4:18.00
17 Dashing D's		R109		4:19.18
18 Millikens/Gowards	R110		4:19.34
19 Tree Men and a Lady	R114		4:24.58
20 Once We Were Runners	R106		4:26.22
21 BBQ+1		R118		4:26.26
22 Nicholas Adams			4:28.35
23 Stephen Unwin			4:30.02
24 Pip Thorn				4:30.06	1st Female
25 Kieron Thompson			4:33.29
26 Taxpak		R119		4:35.50
27 Steve Appleby			4:37.37
28 Dawn Tiller				4:37.44	2nd Female
29 Paul Every				4:40.28
30 David Styles				4:42.58
31 Guy Griffin				4:44.39
32 Reid/Warner/Freer/Suiter	R113	4:47.31
33 The Ferals		R132		4:47.33
34 Bushies Buckndoe	R131		4:48.18
35 Mick Corlis				4:48.43
36 Bill + His Busty Beauties	R112	4:48.52
37 Shane Whalen				4:51.51
38 Peter Clarke				4:51.53
39 The Redbacks		R126		4:52.17	First 4 female team
40 G+T			R130		4:53.06
41 Lindsay Gilbert			4:55.19
42 Paul Stein				4:57.46
43 Marc Murphy				5:02.44
44 David Rossi				5:05.05
45 Brenton Walters			5:07.33
46 Dave Gilbert				5:07.44
47 Norm McCann				5:08.36
48 Buckos Road		R121		5:09.42
49 The Aero Dynomics	R111		5:10.04
50 Phil Clarke				5:12.49
51 Mike Ward				5:12.49
52 Men Behaving Badly	R117		5:15.10
53 Clandavies		R105		5:15.46
54 Cross Country Kitshickers	R108	5:16.55
55 David King				5:17.47
56 Ludwig Herpich			5:18.33
57 Eric Hodge				5:22.10
58 Lindsay and The Girls	R129	5:23.11
59 Carl Simpson				5:23.42
60 Judd Boeker				5:24.30
61 David Cannings			5:25.26
62 Brett Molloy				5:25.28
63 Terrigal Trotters Women	R128	5:25.46
64 Here We Go Again	R102		5:27.22
65 Michael James Wilson			5:28.53
66 James Bond				5:29.37
67 Paula Whitehouse			5:29.57	3rd Female
68 Jonathon Papalia			5:30.41
69 Mick Kilham				5:30.42
70 Frying Panners	R124		5:32.37
71 Graham Butler			5:35.31
72 Derek’s Dame		R116		5:36.18
73 Steve Jago				5:36.19
74 Steven Reynolds			5:37.32
75 Ian Green				5:40.51
76 Alan Duus				5:41.28
77 Chris Hoy				5:46.37
78 Chris Gamble				5:47.48
79 Dick Bartlett			5:49.29
80 Brian Hewson				5:50.14
81 Roger Rigby				5:52.44
82 Graham Butler			5:52.45
83 Brian Cowell				5:54.23
84 Gordon Forsyth			5:56.13
85 Andrew Watt				5:56.48
86 Ted Harrison				5:56.57
87 Pockets and Pines 	R101		5:57.43
88 Allen Hilton				6:03.13
89 Vic Anderson				6:03.31
90 William Rannard			6:08.04
91 Victor Hessell			6:21.19
92 Warren Hughes			6:26.58
93 Bruce Hatt				6:27.27
94 Rodney Sturch			6:42.25
95 Greg March				6:42.29
96 Ted Lilliss				6:44.18
97 Ian Forsyth				6:44.18
98 Peter Hastings			6:44.38
99 John Trotter				6:44.48
100 Grahame Kerruisch			6:48.31
101 Jan Barry				6:50.49
102 Lynne Barry				6:50.49
103 Bill Tomiczek			6:55.19
104 John McNeish			7:07.07
105 John Brett				7:15.42

11th Annual
Brindabella Classic 1997
Sunday 9 November

The 1997 Brindabella Classic was won by Colin Fray from Great Britain in a time of 3:49.24. Trevor Jacobs was second in a time of 3:51.57, his 10th Brindabella Classic. Third was Kelvin Marshall in 4:08.11, his fifth Brindabella Classic. Colin made up a deficit of more than two minutes from Trevor Jacobs at the final drink station, to power away with the race. This is Colin'’s second visit to Canberra in 1997. He completed the New Balance Canberra Marathon in April in 2:45.43. Trevor Jacobs in the same Marathon recorded 2:36.06 and then went on to be first runner home in the 50km Ultra.

The Female race winner was Pip Thorn, who improved on her 1996 time and placing to cross the line in 4:44.32 with Elizabeth Short only 12 seconds behind to cross the line in 4:44.44.
These two ladies now become fifth and sixth respectively on the all time female race times. Sarah Fein, was third female in 4:57.59.

First to cross the line and first team was the Australian Defence Force team of Nathan Crowley, Miles Irvine, Frank Kresse and Dave Holland in a time of 3:34.22, with South Canberra Tuggeranong, the second team in a time of 3:37.54. This team, called “Seventh Heaven” consisted of Gordon Nightingale, Andrew Shaw, Michael McCamley and Geoff Monro.

The temperature in Canberra at 4 o’clock was 23 degrees. In the morning conditions were good because of cloud cover, which was forecast to clear by midday. It certainly did. Runners probably welcomed their arrival at the drink stations. After the run Drink Station Number 7 (Murray Darling Commission) was voted the best, with stations 9 (Andrew Gardner) and 3 (Jon Stanhope) taking second and third place in the voting.

Fast Women won the all females team category for the second year in succession, although down on their good time of last year. Trevor Jacobs was awarded a platter for his 10th Classic, as was Bill Rannard. "Six Race" Goblets were awarded to Richard Lane, Judd Boeker, Alf Field, Jenny Kiss, and Bob Dent.



Colin Fray		3:49.24	UK
Trevor Jacobs		3:51.57	ACT	10th Classic
Kelvin Marshall		4:08.11	VIC	5th Classic (1996 - 4:09.17)
Richard Lane		4:10.47	WA	6th Classic	
Brock McKinlay		4:28.54	ACT
Martin Fryer		4:34.11	NSW
Alan Towill		4:38.18	ACT
Phillip Clarke		4:42.17	NSW	8th Classic
Pip Thorn		4:44.32	NSW	1st Female (1996 time was 5:03.56)
Elizabeth Short		4:44.44	NSW	2nd Female
Ben Brikcius		4:49.52	ACT	Debut
Ian Green		4:51.12	NSW	4th Classic
Mike Ward		4:52.54	NSW	11th Classic
Steve Appleby		4:56.12	ACT	2nd Classic
Sarah Fein		4:57.59	ACT	3rd Female
Michael Smith		4:59.15	ACT	(1996 - 5:12.12)
Judd Boeker 		5:02.34	ACT	6th Classic
David Styles		5:04.30	VIC	Debut
Mark Murphy		5:15.27	Debut
David King		5:15.46	NSW	2nd Classic
Kath Bergkvist		5:16.56	NSW	Debut
Michael Wilson		5:17.26	NSW
Graeme Shipley		5:19.11	NSW
Bob Dent		5:20.38	ACT	6th Classic
Warren Hughes		5:21.32	NSW
Mick Kilham		5:21.32	NSW
Alan Duus		5:27.15 ACT(PB)	5th Classic
Keith White		5:27.49	NSW
Alf Field		5:29.23	NSW	6th Classic
Freda Kelly		5:29.30	NSW	Debut
Lindsay Gilbert		5:30.23	NSW
Klaus Neumann		5:31.42	Germany Ran Comrades Marathon 1997
Derek Smith		5:32.51	NSW	5th Classic
Carl Simpson		5:33.52	NSW
Dave Gilbert		5:35.08	ACT
Gordon Forsythe		5:36.06	NSW
Trudy Rae		5:35.45	nsw	Cartwheeled at Finish
Bill Rannard		5:35.48	NSW	10th Classic
Mark Devenish		5:38.19	ACT
Adrian Durieta		5:38.36	NSW
David Solomon		5:41.49	NSW	Debut
Brian Colwell		5:42.13	NSW	11th Classic
Thane Siharath		5:42.18	ACT	2nd Classic
Richard Bartlett	5:42.16	NSW
Ludwig Herpich		5:42.36	NSW
Chris Gamble		5:44.37	ACT
Jenny Kiss		5:44.38	NSW	6th Classic
Tony Bagala		5:44.57	
Richard Bartlett	5:48.20	NSW
Jim Screen		5:52.43	NSW	President Sydney Striders
Ernest Warner		5:54.11	ACT	2nd Classic	Oldest to finish
Bruce Hall		5:54.42	NSW	4th Classic
Lauren Ostrowski	6:09.12	VIC	Debut	
Franz Wanderer		6:10.08	NSW
Robert Rigby		6:13.45	NSW	4th Classic
Dave O'Connor		6:14.34	NSW	2nd Classic
Christian Gallagher	6:22.24	ACT
Irwin Light		6:25.48	NSW	Debut
Margaret White		6:29.38	NSW
Peter Allen		6:31.11	NSW	9th Classic
Rodney Sturch		6:31.11	NSW	3rd Classic
Keith ThornE		6:32.59	NSW	Debut
Trish Winter		6:33.08	NSW	Debut
Graham Kerruisch	6:42.06	NSW	Sprinted at Finish
Christine Ashcroft	6:43.45	NSW
John Brett		6:43.58	NSW	9th Classic
Stephen Mifsud		6:46.36	NSW
Barbara Allen		6:48.28	NSW	8th Classic
Vic Anderson		6;52.27	NSW	8th Classic
Dave Rossi		6:53.58	ACT
Andrew Pitcher		6:56.43	ACT
Ted Lillis		6:57.06	NSW	11th Classic
Colin Francis		6:58.28	NSW
Steve Talbot		7:03.39	NSW
Victor Hessell		7:06.33	ACT
Jean-Luc Taillefer	7:12.40	ACT
Jean-Jacques David	7:12.41	ACT

Relay Results

Category MMMM

Australian Defence Force Academy	3:34.22
Nathan Crowley	Miles Irving
Frank Kresse	David Holland

Seventh Heaven SCT			3:37.54
Gordon Nightingale	Andrew Shaw
Michael McCamley	Geoff Monro

Bronwyn and da Boyz			3:47.46
Peter Spitzkowsky	Neil Mackenzie
Simon Crooke		Ewan Mackenzie

Trevor's Jugernaut			3:52.14
Trevor Jacobs	Peter Simpson
Ian Leves	Roy Jones

Sinfield Suckers 111			4:12.15
Greg Molyneux	Danny Ramsden
Allan Owen	Guy Hanson

Adelaide Harriers SOC's			4:14.29
Jim McKessor	Peter Hooper
Roger Curnow	Mike Bevan

Barbie Boys				4:21.22
Bob Dent	John Littler
dave Evans	Ted Harrison

Many Miles Per Gallon			4:23.18
Graema Small	Michael Clancy
Peter Davies	Mick Dando

Avalanche				4:54.37
Ernie Warner	Stuart J Reid
Michael Freer	Duane Lowry

Men Behaving Badly			4:55.16
Brian Hamilton	Mal Nicholson
Tony Piggott	Brian Reedy

Old Downhillers				5:09.27
Robert Sword	Barry seedsman
Otmar Dorfer	Jim Bosworth

Category MMMF

Four Veterans				3:50.47
Annette Sugden
Peter Cullen
Rod Gilchrist
Kieren Thompson

Penny and The Boys			4:50.24
Andrew Elliot		Tom Rhymes
James O'Sullivan	Penny Heath

Captain Carol and the Cross Country Kitshickers		
Adam Robinson	Laurie Robinson
Carol Robinson	Chris Hartney

Category MMFM

Barbeque Stakes Plus One		4:01.08
Lloyd Donnelly	Bruce Wight
Owain Tilley	Anne Flynn

Two Men and A Babe			4:44.27
Patrick Shallvey	Austin Bryan
Mary Thomas		Patrick Shallvey

Don't Ask				4:55.02
Bob McEachern	David baldwin
Rosalie Grant	John Karabin

Over The Hill Team			5:18.28
Andy Johnson	Terry Gimpel
Anne Leighton	Geoff Sheehan

Category MMFF

The DART Team				4:02.37  Record
Rosemary Longstaff
Dean Alle
Annino Vacceralla
Terry Moore

A Broad with 3 Smiths			4:36.40
Derek Smith	Mike smith
Lois Singer	Linda Smith

Category MFFM

The Aero Dynamics			5:00.25	Record
Andrew Pitcher	Sharron Pitcher
Brenda Day	Jeff Day

Category FFFF

Fast Women				5:23.31	Second Successive Win
Alice Scott	Beryl Lowry
Jo Cullen	Sherryl Greathead

Derek's Dames				5:32.51
Martha Chapman	Joan Boltz
Mary Jago	Rose Reedy

Category FMMM

garB.A.G.E				4:03.53
Annie Sweeting		Ewen Thompson	
Gordon Nightingale	Brian McGlynn

Lyn's Lot				5:21.42
Lyn Gamble	Tony Bean
Ian Gray	Graham Burrows

Category FMFM				5:02.25

ACT Veterans Cycling Club		5:02.25
Gai Webster	Jim McLean
Jim Tucker	Theresa MacGregor

Category MMF

WACT Hash Harriers			5:16.33
Peter Smith	Mick Farrelley	Jessica Wyers

Category MMM				4:16.45
Steve Jago	David Harris	Bob Singer

Category MM

Fly Buys				4:10.12
John Milliken	Roy Edwards

Harry and the President			4:18.25
Harry Spragg	Ken Hickson

Old and the Cold			4:23.37
Michael Worsley	Nigel Coldrick

TaxPax					4:34.07
Michael smith	David Hinds

Forest Runners				4:36.43
Alex Tandy	Clive Glover

99 Not Out				5:17.21
Thaene Siharath	John Dimitriou

Category MF

Lo Blo					5:12.49
Grant Fleming	Monica Lo Heni

Themsen Trotters			5:14.29
Nick Themsen	Kirsten Themsen

Geoff & Amanda				5:20.35
Geoff Taylor	Amanda Dawson

10 th Annual
Brindabella Classic 1996
Sunday 10 November


ACT marathon champion Glenn Paterson found out just how tough Trevor Jacobs and the Brindabella Ranges are on Sunday.

Paterson, running in the 54km Brindabella Classic for the first time, built up a substantial lead after taking over from early leader Peter Spehr just past half-way. With less than 10km to run, he held a five-minute advantage over six-time winner Jacobs.

In the run to the finish Jacobs gradually bridged the gap to challenge for the lead in the last 1km. Paterson, suffering from the fast pace and demanding hills, found just enough in reserve to respond to Jacobs' late charge and eventually crossed the line in 3hr 43min 51sec, 10 seconds ahead of Jacobs.

Spehr, who had set out to try and break Jacobs' race record of 3hr 33min and 33sec, also found new respect for the course, slowing over the second half to finish third in 3hr 57min and 10sec.

Sydney Strider Dawn Tiller was a clear winner in the women's category finishing in 4hr 29min and 8sec, the third fastest time by a female in the race's 10 years. This was her first start as an individual runner. She also teamed with husband Kevin to win the husband-and-wife teams category.

South Coast runner Pip Thorn matched her second place from last year although she was a little slower the time, finishing in 5hr 3min and 56sec. Paula Whitehouse, also of Sydney Striders Club, was third.

Four Sydney runners were presented with special awards for completing their 10th Brindabella Classics. Mike Ward was the first finisher among this group, recording 4hr 56min and 19sec. Brian Colwell ran 6hr 17min and 35sec, Ted Lillis 6hr 40min and 2sec and Grahame Kerruish 6hr 54min and 26sec.

A record 56 relay teams also participated in the event. The South Canberra-Tuggeranong Club continued its success, winning the male category (for teams of four) for the sixth consecutive year. Michael McCamley, Gordon Nightingale, Geoff Monro and Michael Derlacki completed the event in 3hr 34min and 55sec.

The leading four-person female combination was the "Fast Women" team of Alice Scott, Deslie Kubitzky, Beryl Lowry and Sherryl Greathead.

The Sydney Striders Athletic Club was well to the fore in the Brindabella Classic, the number of competitors wearing this shirt was vary noticeable.
A large crowd of well wishers and supporters, greeted all finishers at the Cotter Reserve.
Teams were well represented this year with 50 entered as well as 100 individual entrants.


1. Glenn Paterson		3.43.51
2. Trevor Jacobs		3.44.01
3. Peter Spehr			3.57.10


1. Dawn Tiller		4.29.08		Classic Debut  
   - Third fastest ever female time.
2. Pip Thorn		5.03.56		Second place in 1995
3. Paula Whitehouse	5.38.15		3rd Classic	5.37.17(‘95)


Hugh Jorgensen		4.08.12
Peter Clarke		4.33.10
Mike Ward		4.56.19		10th Classic
Tony Hatch		5.15.41		3rd Classic
Robert Ey		5.19.07
Neil Wilson		5.19.07
Bob Dent		5.26.13
Alan Duus		5.27.20
Keith White		5.37.14		Sydney Striders
Ted Harrison		5.42.42


Steve Crane		Broke record by app 5 minutes.
Steve Appleby
Alan Williams
Coach Debbie Cowell

Carol, Laurie, Adam Robinson		4.51.21
An Other

Raine Thompson				4.56.43
Andrew Pitcher
Sharon Pitcher
Brenda Day

Jim Bosworth				4.58.10	Beats 1995 time of 5.04.00
Otmar Dorfer
Barry Seedsman
Alan Burdon

Beryl Lowry				5.03.28
Alice Scott
Sherryl Greathead
Deslie Kubitzky

Bob Hunter				5.06.42
And Others

The following results are in finishing order, and Relay Teams Results follow separately.

1. SCT Hits Em For Six		3.34.55
2. Over The Edge		3.43.45
3. Auslig Allstars		3.43.45
4. Glenn Paterson		3.43.51		1st Male
5. Trevor Jacobs		3.44.01		2nd Male
6. T&C				3.45.58
7. SAS				3.47.09
8. Black Mountain Madness	3.54.56
9. In Training			3.55.59
10. Peter Spehr			3.57.10		3rd Male
11. Navy			3.58.07
12. Amies SCT/Ryde IOS FV FR	3.58.34
13. Thats Not A Hill		3.58.52
14. Military Madness		4.00.55
15. Stubbies Too		4.01.12
16. Bronwyn And Da Boyz		4.01.52
17. The Dart Team		4.03.25
18. Greg Love			4.04.34
19. Sinfield Suckers		4.04.47
20. Hugh Jorgensen		4.08.12
21. Auslig Allsorts		4.09.08
22. Kelvin Marshall		4.09.17
23. Helen And The Old Bastards	4.09.35
24. Richard Lane		4.15.15
25. Forty Fifty Sixty		4.15.36
26. MDCB			4.16.44
27. Doug Kewley			4.17.01
28. Chris Graham		4.20.39
29. Rhymes			4.20.52
30. Four Veterans		4.21.22
31. Lost Orienteers		4.25.04
32. Dopie-I			4.26.01
33. The Rats Of Cell Block B	4.27.19
34. Dawn Tiller 		4.29.08		1st Female - (Debut)
35. Stubbies			4.29.29
36. Tax Triers			4.29.34
37. Kelpie Clan			4.29.52
38. Brothers In Law		4.30.46
39. Fairfield City Farm		4.30.56
40. Heavy Breathers		4.31.45
41. Palindromic CSD		4.32.30
42. Peter Clarke		4.33.10
43. Four Elderly People		4.33.25
44. Stragic Runners		4.38.16
45. Malcolm Satchell		4.38.16
46. Ray Potter			4.41.22
47. David Clear			4.43.08
48. Davs Disciples		4.43.08
49. Alfred Borgenhuber		4.43.30
50. Tim Foley			4.43.56
51. Geoff Isbister		4.45.01
52. Ian Green			4.45.17
53. Stromlo Strugglers		4.48.22
54. Kit Stickers		4.51.21
55. Mike Ward			4.56.19		10th Classic
56. Murray Town			4.56.19
57. Sign Of A Merlin		4.56.43
58. Smith & Gun			4.57.05
59. Old Downhillers		4.58.10
60. Judd Boeker			4.59.01
61. Bob Montgomery		5.01.09
62. Over The Hill		5.02.42
63. Sydney Striders		5.02.50
64. Fast Women			5.03.28
65. Pip Thorn			5.03.56		2nd Female
66. The Four Jays		5.04.11
67. Paul Every			5.04.47
68. Kurt Plummer		5.04.57
69. Wamowon			5.06.42
70. The Hare & Tortoise		5.09.07
71. Philip Clarke		5.10.08
72. Gregory Osborne		5.11.27
73. Michael Smith		5.12.12
74. Huff N Puff			5.12.41
75. John Sutherland		5.13.15
76. Mark Langworthy		5.13.56
77. John Walton			5.14.40
78. Tony Hatch			5.15.41
79. Bill Nagy			5.17.19
80. Kevin Tiller		5.17.42
81. Neil Wilson			5.19.07
82. Robert Ey			5.19.07
83. Dave Gilbert		5.20.35
84. Hey Theyre Faster		5.21.09
85. Kaleen Kids			5.21.42
86. The Uncertainties		5.24.08
87. Bob Dent			5.26.13
88. Alan Duus			5.27.20
89. David Rossi			5.30.14
90. Alf Field			5.30.33
91. Sydney Striders		5.30.41
92. Derek Smith			5.30.46
93. Dereks Dames		5.30.46
94. David Seib			5.31.23
95. Grumpy Old Men		5.31.56
96. Outrageous Natural Talent	5.32.09
97. Keith White			5.37.14
98. Paula Whitehouse		5.38.15		3rd Female
99. One Up One Down		5.41.52
100. Ted Harrison		5.42.42
101. Speed Kills		5.43.21
102. Thaene Siharath		5.43.27
103. Rodney Sturch		5.44.02
104. Keith Law			5.47.12
105. Trudy & Harry		5.49.09
106. Jim Screen			5.54.44
107. Michael Wilson		5.54.44
108. Michael Thorpe		5.55.35
109. Scott Grant		5.55.35
110. Graham Butler		5.56.09
111. Mal McGregor		5.58.20
112. William Rannard		6.03.11
113. Ian Morgan			6.03.17
114. Brian Hewson		6.05.49
115. Carl Simpson		6.06.38
116. Brad Boyle			6.07.01
117. James Griffiths		6.13.43
118. Brian Colwell		6.17.35		10th Classic
119. Jeff Johnson		6.18.17
120. Greg March			6.18.17
121. Peter Hastings		6.18.17
122. Jenny Kiss			6.23.08
123. Vic Anderson		6.23.08
124. Trudy Rae			6.24.33
125. Robert Simms		6.29.28
126. Colin Konemann		6.39.34
127. Paul Godden		6.39.34
128. Ted Lillis			6.40.02		10th Classic
129. Bruce Hall			6.40.02
130. Susan Ingham		6.40.16
131. Peter Allen		6.40.20
132. Victor Hessell		6.40.28
133. Gregory Wright		6.41.33
134. Chris Gamble		6.41.33
135. John Brett			6.42.16
136. Graham Kerruish		6.54.26		10th Classic
137. Christine Ashcroft		7.06.03
138. John McLeish		7.07.46
139. Tristan Abelard		7.09.03
140. John Dimitriou		7.31.09

Relays Category

1. SCT Hits 'Em for Six (M McCamley, G Nightingale, G Monro, M Derlacki) 3.34.55, 
   Winners for 6th consecutive year
2. Auslig Allstars, (I Junakovic, G Lawford, D Hobson, P Cole) 3.43.45, 
3. That's Not A Hill (C Moffitt, G Roads, R O'Neill, M Simons) 3.58.52, 
4. Military Madness (G Keating, M Gnezoiloff, F Kresse, M Stewart) 4.00.55, 
5. Subbies Too (A MacMichael, R Bosworth, M George, A Wherrett) 4.01.12, 
6. Bronwyn & Da Boyz (S Mackenzie, N Mackenzie, P Spitzkowsky, E  Mackenzie) 4.01.21, 
7. Sinfield Suckers 11 (P Burke, D Ramsden, A Owen, G Hanson) 4.04.47,  
8. Auslig Allsorts (R Broers, G Santosuosso, N Boden, S Junakovic) 4.09.08, 
9. Forty Fifty Sixty (M Dando, J  White, G Kubitzky, B Leyden) 4.15.36, 
10. Rhymes (J Sullivan, T Rhymes, A Latimore, S Buckman) 4.20.52, 
11. DOPIE-1 (C Tucker, C Catton, P Lee, G Smith) 4.26.01, 
12. The Rats Of Cell Block B (B Sowry, B Hanlon, J Davey, M Krause) 4.27.19, 
13. Heavy Breathers (P Methven, J White, J Mayfield, C Symes) 4.31.45, 
14. Stromlo Strugglers (R Price, S Hearn, A Newton, P Core) 4.48.22, 
15. Old Downhillers (A Burdon, B Seedsman, 0 Dorfer, J Bosworth) 4.58.10, 
16. Grumpy Old Men (T Piggott, B Reedy, M Nicholson, B Hamilton) 5.31.56.

1. Helen & The Old Bastards (I Clout, B Wisbey, W Shippley, H Barlow) 4.09.35, 
2. Murray Darling Basin (T Jacobs, B Harper, G Armitage, T Heyne) 4.16.44, 
3. Four Elderly People (S Reid, E Warner, D Lowry, A Young) 4.33.25, 
4. Carol & The Kitshickers (A Robinson, C Hartney, L Robinson, C Robinson) 4.51.21.

1. Speed Kills! (G Wright, R Poels, L Gamble, G Burrows) 5.43.21.

1. Over The Hill (G Sheehan, A Leighton, A Johnston, T Gimpel) 5.02.42.

1. The "DART" Team (D Alle, A Vaccarella, R Longstaff, T Moore) 4.03.25 (Record), 
2. Four Veterans (K Thompson, R Gilchrist, R Storey, G Lee) 4.21.22, 
3. Dave's Disciples (T Dorahy, B Greenfield, M Dorahy, J Clear) 4.43.08.

1. Hey They're Faster (G Podger, M Thomas, D Hughes, R Beechamp 5.21.09.

1. Derek's Dames (D Smith,  M Jago, R Reedy, M Maloney) 5.30.46.

1. Fast Women (A Scott, D Kubitzky, B Lowry, S Greathead) 5.03.28,   
2. The Four Jays (J Jacobs, J Barton, J Boltz, J O'Connor) 5.04.11,   
3. Outrageous Natural Talent (S Henderson, L Hamilton, B Mitchell, J Hamilton) 5.32.09.

1. Navy (D Blake, T Belcher, M Horan, C McShane) 3.58.07. 
2. Amie's SCT/Ryde IOSFVFR (A Sweeting, E Thompson, B Harrison, B McGlynn) 3.58.34; 
3. Strategic Runners (J Firman, L Treleaven, G Donaldson, B Hall) 4.38.16.

1. Sign of A Merlin (R Thompson, A Pitcher, S Pitcher, B Day) 4.56.43.

1. Palindromic DSD (D Milchell, D Stokes, S Jago) 4.32.30.

1. SAS (S Crane, S Appleby, A Williams, S Crane 3.47.09 (Record), 
2. Fairfield City Farm (J Rooney, K Toh, B Hinnit, J Rooney) 4.30.56.

1. Over The Edge (S Beaumont, G Carter) 3.35.30, 
2. T&C (T Jacobs, C Wisdom) 3.45.58, 
3. In Training (P Johnson, G Burke) 3.55.59, 
4. Lost Orienteers (M Worsley, N Coldrick) 4.25.04, 
5. Subbies (P Young, C Bycroft) 4.29.29, 
6. Tax Triers (M Nolan, D Hinds) 4.29.34, 
7. Kelpie Clan (C Glover, J Power) 4.29.52, 
8. Brothers In Law (P Allcroft, S Firth) 4.30.46, 
9. Smith & Gunn (J Gunn, C Smith) 4.57.05, 
10. Wankawon (M Bevan, B Hunter) 5.06.42, 
11. The Uncertainties (M Moore, H Taylor) 5.24.08.

1. Sidney Striders (B Kelly, R Flemming) 5.02.50, 
2. Kaleen Kids (J Cullen, L Stevens) 5.21.42, 
3. Sydney Striders (A Dawson, M White) 5.30.41,

1. The Hare & Tortoise (K Hickson, S Hickson) 5.09.07, 
2. Huff'N'Puff (D Clegg, M Lomas-Travers) 5.12.41, 
3. One Up, One Down (T Harris, H Fletcher) 5.41.52,

Black Mountain Madness (F Jorgensen, D Singleton) 3.54.56, 
2. Trudy & Harry (T Rae, H Spragg) 5.59.09.

See a Summary of results at Ultra Marathon World


November 8 -    1998 Brindabella Classic
		54 km for individuals and teams of 2, 3, or 4
		Cotter River
		Contact - Hugh Jorgensen (02) 6286 1252 (h)
			- Dave Cundy (02) 4342 7611 (h)
                BRINDABELLA CLASSIC 
                Australia's Toughest Downhill Mountain Race 
                8.30 am Sunday 8th November 1998
                Open to Individuals and Relay Teams 
                                        EVENT INFORMATION 
Race HQ:           Race Headquarters is adjacent to 
the Cotter Reserve Hotel, located approximately 20 minutes  
drive west of Canberra 
(refer to 'Directions to Race Start' below). 
Start:                Summit of Mt Ginini, 
which is approximately 90 mins drive by car from Race HQ 
(refer to  "Directions to Race HQ" below) 
depending on road and weather conditions. 
Finish:             At Race HQ, Cotter Reserve. 
Course:            54 Km of mainly bush roads and tracks, 
with some rough terrain including steep descents.  The  
course has a net fall of 1300m.  There are, however, 
several long gradual climbs, as well as some short sharp  
climbs.  Much of the race is at high altitude (up to 1762m) and some  
sections are very exposed and the weather is changeable. 
Entries:           The event is open to all individual 
runners who are satisfactorily trained to safely complete this  
gruelling 54 Km event, and to relay teams.  
The minimum age for individual runners is 18 years. 
Relays:            Relay teams of 2, 3 or 4 are invited 
to participate (please refer below for information on team  
categories).  Approximate distances of the relay legs 
are 8.7, 17.8, 17.4 and 9.9 Km respectively.  The  
nominated contact person for the team will receive 
all the necessary details prior to the event, including a map. 
Entries Close:      Entries close 23 October 1998.  
Please fully complete the following entry form, and follow  
the instructions in relation to payment and postage of your entry. 
Late Entries:      Accepted between 5.30 and 6.30am at Race HQ 
on race day (but please do not enter too close  
to the 6.30am deadline). 
Race Fee:          Individuals $40.00 (which includes a prized 
pottery goblet for finishers, or carafe if it is your  
6th Classic finish, and a photograph of you crossing 
the finish line), and relay teams $40.00 per team.  
If  individual runners do not want a goblet 
(bearing in mind that the carafe received after 6 runs completes a nice  
set) you can enter for $30.00 (see individual entry form). 
Time Limits: Complete the course in 7 hrs, and you must 
reach Bulls Head (about half way) within 3 hrs 20  
mins or you may be withdrawn from the event.  
Your progress throughout the race will be monitored at race  
HQ and if it is judged that insufficient progress is being 
made in relation to your likely finishing time, or if you  
appear too distressed, you may be withdrawn from the event. 
Presentation:       Presentation of awards will commence at 
about 2.30 pm on race day at Race HQ. 
Transport:         Transport by bus will be provided from 
Race HQ to the start at Mt Ginini for runners  
indicating that they require transport on the entry form.  
The cost is $10.00 per person. Transport will depart at  
6.30 am sharp.  Private transport to the start is possible 
(see directions below). Please book your seat early and  
do not rely on spare seats being available on the day as 
there may not be any.  This also helps the organisers to  
make appropriate bus arrangements. 
Facilities:         At Race HQ there is a hotel, milk bar, 
toilets, playground, BBQ and picnic facilities.  Masseurs  
from the Om Shanti School of Tactile Therapies will be 
available for a rub down after the race.  There is a  
toilet at Bulls Head, approximately 25 Km before Mt Ginini.  
Buses to the start will stop briefly at this point to  
provide relief.  At the start there are no toilets but 
plenty of bush; please cover deposits with rocks or twigs. 
Aid Stations:       There will be 10 aid stations supplying 
water and limited first aid.  Food such as fruit and  
jelly beans will also be provided, 
as well as any special drinks (see below). 
Special Drinks:      Special drinks and food bags are 
catered for, provided that they are lodged at Race HQ before  
6.30 am on race day.  These items must be clearly labelled 
with your race number, and lodged in the crates  
marked for each aid station. 
Race Control: All runners are requested to assist the 
organisers by clearly displaying their race number at all  
times (front and back) and ensuring that their race number 
has been registered at every aid station with the  
attendants.  The progress of every runner will be 
monitored at Race HQ via radio communication with every  
aid station, to prevent as far as possible, a runner becoming lost. 
Spectator Access          Spectators can gain access by car 
most readily to drink stations 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10  
(refer to the course map which will be posted out 
with final race instructions). 
Litter:             Please do not litter at all in any area, 
as most of the run is in a Nature Reserve.  Drop cups etc. in  
the special receptacle located just past each aid station.  
If you have to drop litter elsewhere, please do so at or  
near the aid stations where it can be easily seen and collected.  
Do NOT throw it in the bush, as this may  
threaten the conduct of future events. 
Traffic:            The roads used by the runners in this event 
are not closed to traffic, but most are seldom used.   
However, caution must always be exercised by runners at all times, 
particularly when crossing the main Cotter  
Road (bitumen) just before the finish as this road can be very busy. 
Distress:           If an entrant becomes aware of another runner
 in distress or requiring assistance in any way,  
then please provide help to the best of your ability 
and notify an aid station attendant.  Any entrant who  
withdraws from the event is requested to immediately 
notify an aid station attendant, and arrangements for  
transport back to Race HQ can then be made. 
Race Cancellation               In the event of bad weather 
(there could be heavy snow or deep river crossings) the  
organisers reserve the right to cancel the race at short notice;
 although this has not yet been necessary in the  
history of the race, it should not be ruled out. 
Final Instructions/Race Numbers: 
                    Final instructions and race numbers 
will be posted to entrants about one week prior to the event  
(this will be the only indication that your entry has been received).  
A course map will also be provided. 
Directions          From Canberra, drive west along the Cotter Road 
to Race             Pass Casuarina Sands on the right, and cross the 
		    Murrumbidgee River over the wooden bridge 
Start:                Turn right onto the Brindabella Road a few 
hundred metres past the river.  Follow this road for  
7 Km and turn left at a T-junction to keep you on 
Brindabella Road  Follow this road for 15 Km until you  
reach an intersection named Picadilly Circus  Turn left 
at this intersection onto the Mt Franklin road, which  
takes you past Bulls Head Shelter and onto the start area
 at the summit of Mt Ginini.  Allow 90 minutes to get  
from Race HQ to the Race Start. 
Directions    From Canberra, after crossing the Murrumbidgee River (see above) do not 
to Race       turn right onto the Brindabella Road, but continue on straight ahead along 
HQ:           Paddy's River Road for I Km and cross the Cotter River 
(Race         The Cotter Hotel is immediately on your left and the race finishes at the Race HQ behind the 
Finish)       hotel, adjacent to the river.  Allow 30 minutes to get 
	      from Canberra to Race HQ. 
Race records: 
Individual.                                      4 Person M/F Teams: 
Men  Trevor Jacobs  3.33.33 1992         Men (MMMM)   S.C.T. No 5  3.20.31 1995 
Women Linda Thompson 4.11.00 1988        Women (FFFF) Runners Shop 4.01.53 1994 
Husband & Wife: M&L Thompson 8.02.00 (combined time)                   1988 
Other Teams: 
 2 men (MM)           Fatman & Bobin              3.21.01              1995 
 2 women (FF)       The Runners Shop              4.08.53              1993 
 MMFM                  Siemens Stumblers          4.03.50              1992 
 FMMM                   Bron and Da Boyz          3.57.14              1993 
 FFMM               The Mountain Goats            5.18.14              1993 
 FFMF              " 3.5 "                        4.25.32              1995 
 FMMF                   Trinity Triers            4.16.05              1993 
 FMFF                Beaudies & The Beast         4.33.00              1995 
 MFMM                   Siemens Stumblers         4.20.15              1991 
 MMFM                   3 Toed Sloths             4.20.08              1994 
 MMFF                   Four Veterans             4.31.17              1994 
 MMFF	  	Western Districts Joggers         3.45.11              1995 
 MMFF                 Tax Trotters                5.01.12              1993 
 MMF*                Trinity Triers               4.38.20              1995 
 MMM                 Tuggie Three                 3.54.15              1993 
 MFM                 The Brindy Bears             4.28.48              1995 
           Note: * "FMFM" means a woman runs the 
first relay leg and the following legs are run in turn by a  
different man, woman and man.  Also, "MF" means a man runs 
the first two legs and then a woman runs the  
last two legs. 
Note also that if you are entering a particular mixed sex 
team combination, please indicate on the entry form  
the particular order that the legs will be run in 
(eg.  FFFM, or MFMF etc.) to help the organisers keep track of  
records as shown above. 
Race History: 
Individual Men:                                      Individual Women: 
1987     Trevor Jacobs       ACT      3.53.55     Wanda Foley        NSW       6.33.37 
1988     Martin Thompson     NSW      3.51.00     Linda Thompson     NSW       4.11.00* 
1989     Trevor Jacobs       ACT      3.48.30     Helen Slanger      NSW       5.04.23 
1990     Geoff Large         ACT      3.36.14     Marion Langford    NSW       6.18.13 
1991     Trevor Jacobs       ACT      3.39.13     Randi Bromka       USA       4.35.02 
1992     Trevor Jacobs       ACT      3.33.33*    Jenny Kiss         NSW       5.13.48 
1993     Trevor Jacobs       ACT      3.41.40     Bronwyn Harms      ACT       4.45.21 
1994     Trevor Jacobs       ACT      3.45.08     Bronwyn Harms      ACT       5.05.51 
1995     Craig Ambler        NSW      3.42.20     Mo Bartley         USA       4.21.06 

Husband and Wife: 
1988     M & L Thompson         NSW      8.02.00*(total time) 
1989     B & P Coates                    11.05.14 
1990     P & B Allen            NSW      13.53.02 
1991     M & W Foley                     12.56.12 
1992     G & C Knights          NSW      12.28.54 
1993     P & B Allen            NSW      13.26.20 
1994     P & B Allen            NSW      13.47.26 
1995     P & B Allen            NSW      12.24.42 
4 Men:
   South Canberra-Tuggeranong Yellow                      3.36.35            1991 
                                     (Monro, Nightingale, Shaw, Wood) 
   South Canberra-Tuggeranong                             3.34.02            1992 
                                     (Nightingale, Monro, Trewin, Jorgenson) 
   South Canberra-Tuggeranong                             3.34.03            1993 
                                     (Shaw, Monro, Nightingale, Fitch) 
   South Canberra-Tuggeranong                             3.30.05            1994 
                                     (Shaw, Munro, Nightingale, Morrisey)   
   South Canberra-Tuggeranong No 5                        3.20.31           1995 
                                     (Shaw, Monro, Grattan, Morrisey) 
4 Women:          
Belconnen Belles                                       4.23.49            1991 
                                     (Lenton, Winson, Jorgenson, O'Rielly) 
The Runners Shop                                       4.05.13            1992 
                                     (Thorogood, Jorgenson, Vaughan, Simpson) 
Brindabella Brumbies                                   4.50.06            1993 
                                     (Cullen, Stevens, Jamieson, Bailey) 
The Runners Shop                                       4.01.53*           1994 
                                     (Vaughan, Jorgensen, Carey, Hoare) 
The Runners Shop                                       4.03,28            1995 
                                     (Cowell, Jorgensen, Vaughan, Simpson) 
4 Mixed:          
Siemens Stumblers                                      4.20.15            1991 
                                     (Scott, Walker, Taylor, Klee) 
Siemens Stumblers                                      4.03.50            1992 
                                     (Walker, Scott, Hanns, Taylor) 
Bronwyn and Da Boyz                                    3.57.14            1993 
                                     (Hanns, Spitzkowsky, Mackenzie, Mackenzie) 
Bronwyn and Da Boyz                                    3.58.50            1994 
                                     (Hanns, Spitzkowsky, Mackenzie, Mackenzie) 
Western Districts Joggers                               3.45.11          1995 
                                     (Webb, Ellison, Whitwell, Waterhouse) 
 2 M:               
Masochists (Singleton, Neave)                       3.45.33             1991 
Downhill Dags (Anderson, Hart)                      4.29.45             1992 
Muir/Palazzo (Muir, Palazzo)                        3.32.24             1994 
Fatman & Bobin (Muir, Paterson)                     3.21.01*            1995 
 2 F:               
The Runners Shop (Jorgensen, Carey)                 4.08.53*            1993 
The Brinda Belles (Blackwell, Pamell)               5.52.24             1994 
2 Mixed:           
Hash House Harriers (Smith, Snmith)                 5.55.01             1993 
The Newly Weds (Spragg, Rae)                        5.02.53*            1994 
FM 104.7 Awards:              FM 10-4.7 has again kindly sponsored 
			the race by providing trophies. 
                     First Male                             The Jack Maxwell Trophy 
                     First Female                           The Miles Franklin Trophy 
                     Husband & Wife Team                    Trophy 
 			Second/Third Male/Female		Trophy
                     All individual finishers covering
 the full 54 Km receive a Brindabelia Classic pottery goblet 
(if  so indicated on the entry form and paid for) 
and a finish line photograph.  
Also, individuals completing their 6th Classic receive 
a magnificent pottery carafe.  
Men and women individual race winners on 3 occasions and  
those completing their 10th individual event (in 1996) 
will have their race number set aside permanently as  
their own, and in future runs that number will be 
distinguished in a green colour. 
 Relay Teams: 
           First Male Team of 4                   The Mike March Trophy 
           First Female Team of 4                 The Wanda Foley Trophy 
           Two person Relay Team                  Trophy 
						(NB. one member runs the 
						first two relay legs and the  
						other runs the last two legs) 
           "Other" Relay Teams                  No awards - times and any 
records set are recorded, however  
(teams may be mixed and the legs may be run in any combination - 
see examples in Race records above) 
           Note:     Each individual runner and relay runner 
receives a certificate of merit.  There will be random  
draw prizes also.  There is also a trophy for the 2nd and 3rd man and woman. 
                     All of the members of a team may wish 
to run across the finish line together to capture the  
moment in the finish line photograph; this is permitted 
provided it does not interfere with any other runners,  
particularly individual runners completing the full distance. 
  We are again raising money for the ACT and Region 
Disabled Sports Association.  Your support has been  
tremendous raising more than $2000 over the last three years.  
A receipt (for tax purposes) will be issued with  
your race results.  It is also worth noting that the 
Disabled Association kindly assist runners by managing the  
last aid station.  To make a donation, simply enter 
the amount on the entry form and include the amount with  
the entry fee. 
SURNAME:.................................              LAST NAME:         ....................................... 
Address:    ......................................................................................................... 
.....................................      Postcode:     ................ 
Please circle the years you completed the individual run: 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96  97
Telephone:         Home:...............                             Work:      .............. 
Age:(on race day)...........                                         Sex:   ....... 
Fees:                                                                         Want a GOBLET ???? 
                                                                              YES                or        NO 
          Individual Entry (non-refundable):                                  $ 40.00                      $ 30.00 
          Bus: No. seats needed.......          (at $10.00 per person)        $..........                  $   .......... 
          Optional donation to charity (see separate sheet)                   $..........                  $   .......... 
          TOTAL AMOUNT DUE..............                                      $..........        or        $   .......... 
Late Entries: Late entries will be accepted at race headquarters prior to the bus departing at 6.30 am, but there  
is a late fee of $10.00. Bus tickets may also be purchased from race headquarters on race day (for $10.00) only  
if seats are available. 
Payable to:                  ACT Cross Country Club Inc. 
Forward to:                  Race Secretary 
                             GPO Box 252 
                             CANBERRA ACT 2601 
Entries Close: 23 October 1998
1.        I, the undersigned, in consideration of and as a condition of my entry in the Brindabella Classic event,  
for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, hereby waive all and any claim, right or cause of action  
which I, or they, might otherwise have for or arising out of loss of life or injury, damage or loss of any  
description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my entry or  
participation in the said event. 
2.         This waiver, release or discharge shall be, and operate in favour of the organisers of the said event; the  
ACT Cross Country Club and all of its members; all officers, members, agents and employees of all other  
supporting organisations; and all race sponsors; and any person concerned in or involved with the conduct of  
the event and shall operate whether the damage or cause is due to any act or neglect of any of them. 
Signed:..........................                Date:      ................ 
          RELAY TEAM ENTRY FORM 1998
TEAM NAME:                         ................................................................................ 
Team Category (eg FMFM, FM etc.)                                   ................................................... 
Leg Running Order (show surnames in running order):                                               ................................ 
Team Members: 
               SURNAME:...................................                FIRST NAME:.............                         Age:......    Sex: 
             SURNAME...................................                    FIRST NAME:.............                         Age:......     Sex: 
             SURNAME:...................................                    FIRST NAME:.............                        Age:......     Sex: 
             SURNAME:...................................                     FTRST NAME:.............                       Age:......     Sex: 
Address of contact person: 
.......................         Postcode        ................ 
Contact Telephone No                                      Home:..............                                        Work:        .............. 
Costs:                   Entry:                                                                                                              $ 40.00 
                         Bus: No. needed......                  at $10.00 per person [see note below]                                        $    
                         Donation to charity (see separate sheet)                                                                            $   .......... 
                                                               TOTAL AMOUNT DUE..........                                                    $    
Late Entries/Buses:                   Late entries will be accepted at race headquarters (see information sheet) prior  
to the bus departing at 6.30 am, but there is a late fee of $10.00. Note that Teams are to make their own  
transport arrangements, although the final relay runner may purchase a bus ticket to the start.  If you wish to  
purchase a bus ticket on the day of the race (at race HQ), they will only be available if there are spare seats. 
Payable to:                           ACT Cross Country Club Inc. 
Forward to:                           Race Secretary, GPO Box 252, CANBERRA ACT 2601 
Entries Close:                        23 October 1998
I            I, the undersigned, in consideration of and as a condition of my entry in the Brindabella Classic event,  
for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, hereby waive all and any claim, right or cause of action  
which I, or they, might otherwise have for or arising out of loss of life or injury, damage or loss of any  
description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my entry or  
participation in the said event. 
2.            This waiver, release or discharge shall be, and operate in favour of the organisers of 
the said event; the  ACT Cross Country Club and all of its members; all officers, members, agents and 
employees of all other  supporting organisations; and all race sponsors; and any person concerned in 
or involved with the conduct of  the event and shall operate whether the damage or cause is due to 
any act or neglect of any of them. 
Signed:..........................            Date: .......................                                   
Signed:..........................            Date: ....................... 
Signed:..........................            Date:........................ 
Signed:..........................            Date: 

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