Mysay Download Page

Once you download and unpack either of the two archives below, you will have a directory structure under MYSAY. One directory each of PANELs, DTL (ie GML for the panels and Command Tables), one of EXECs, one of MSGs and one of TABLEs. (The last two are to assist the menu of MYSAY examples).

There are no XMIT files and no binaries.

See "Getting these directories onto your IBM Mainframe" below.

Download Mysay code
Download Using Windows? Download the zip file.
Download compressed mysay.jar Not on Windows? No zip utility? You should have access to Jar, then.

I am not using Windows and the Zip is no good to me.

In that case, I assume you are using an OS that supports Java and Jar. Download mysay.jar instead of

Once you download mysay.jar, don't doubleclick on it - it's not a runnable Java application and has no manifest. Just unpack it with jar xvf mysay.jar and you should get the same directory structure as if you used

Getting these directories onto your IBM Mainframe

I assume most people would use ftp or else their terminal emulator transfer functionality. It may help if you have pre-created <yourprefix>.MYSAY.EXEC, <yourprefix>.MYSAY.PANELS, <yourprefix>.MYSAY.MSGS and <yourprefix>.MYSAY.TABLES as FB PDSs with LRECL=80 and BLKSIZE=6160 (say).

Running the examples on your IBM Mainframe

I have supplied two Execs to kick off the example menu (panel MSAPMENU) because we aren't allowed a nine-character name like MYSAYMENU, take your pick from


You do NOT absolutely need to copy all these EXECs into your own personal EXEC lib. The examples menu rexx tries to keep things separate and clean with an ALTLIB to MYSAY.exec and a LIBDEF ISPPLIB to MYSAY.PANELS.

If TSO MYSAYMNU doesn't produce a working examples menu:

Then you need do some copying.

Add <yourprefix>.MYSAY.EXEC to your logon concatenation and logoff and back on again. Or, you could just go ahead and copy the execs into your own exec library :-)

There are only a few panels, so you could copy these from <yourprefix>.MYSAY.PANELS into your panel library. Likewise the MSGs into your MSGS library, and the TABLEs into your <yourprefix>.ISPPROF library.

If your company has a firewall that prevents you even downloading a zip or jar archive...

You DO have a problem. To get a set of MYSAY listings as flat files, email me.