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29th December AGAIN! and I have accessed a new FTP program (Coreftp) so that I can change this web site. This is late 2015 and two computers later. My apologies if you had come here looking for news.
of course; the world has changed somewhat and facebook has overtaken even emails but I will work it out.
if you need to contact me try my gmail account (you know ATgmail.com and lower case Linda.Anchell (doing this so I don't have my email address up!) Make sure the subject line tells me what is in the email otherwise I might delete without reading!

OLD (2011) home page follows:

A note now on 29th December 2011! The year is about to end and I haven't changed this web page all year!
Christmas2011web.pdf The Christmas letter for 2011.

Two photos of the flood at Burra. At 4.15am on the 9th December 2010 we heard the rain and were awake. Later, at 5.30am I took this photo (rather blurred in the dark of early morning) BurraFlood320a.jpg and the same scene at 8.20am… Burraflood327a.jpg. Neither show the highest level of the flood. The water went up to the fence line across the creek and over the dam wall.

The Christmas Letter is here now as a pdf file. (177KB) not as good as the printed one, but everything is there except for the scrawled comments that I wrote with the cards.

I do need to tidy up this web page! January perhaps will be the time, as I "hibernate" in the coolness (relative) of the house…

At the end of winter and early spring we had two unexpected holidays. One on Brampton Island where we snorkelled for three afternoons gazing in wonder at the fish around some rather dilapidated corals. Wonderous though!
…and then a few days down at Eden at the Sea Horse Inn and a trip out on the Cat Balou to see the whales migrating south. All were Humpback males. The mothers and babies are now starting to come down. Again, a wondrous experience. Neither were easily photographed, but some are worth sharing. The whale that swam under the boat was particularly impressive. Slow, laboured pectoral fin "breastroke". Captured on a photo which I put onto my blog in a post on prayer. (look down to the end) http://anchell.blogspot.com/2010/10/prayer.html Click on the photo to see the larger one. photos/whale_underwater863.jpg

A trip in 2009 to Europe and the Middle East:
See photos of Palestine and Israel:
| Tourist photos | Political photos | Pilgrim first page | Pilgrim second page |
It is important to be telling the stories from the trip to Palestine.
This story I tell on the blog. http://anchell.blogspot.com/2009/10/water-and-heaven-and-hell.html

    I was telling of my wonderful time in the crowds at the Damascus Gate… I realised that I needed to go outside again (this was just before Eid; a very busy time!) I could not have easily walked through the old city to the hotel. It was much quieter outside the wall. But the crowd! I saw a very large young man, an orthodox jew, going out and I walked behind him. But he could not get through. Some Palestinian workers saw him struggling and they were taking pallets out on their shoulders… they beckoned him to follow. We got through. :-)

It seems to me that the crowds and pilgrims of three faiths are a vision of heaven. When we acknowledge one another, when we help each other, when we mill around and enjoy festivals from all over… in Jerusalem there were people from Indonesia, New Zealand, China, India; we all meet… it is heaven.

and we make of it a hell….

Check how the level of CO2 is going with measurments from Mauna Loa observatory.

http://www.crikey.com.au/2009/06/17/milne-the-climate-nightmare-is-upon-us/ Senator Christine Milne's speech to the Press Club, 17th June 2009. A Must Read…

Here at Burra, we have nearly doubled our generating capacity from the photo voltaics. It is a bit like paying all your electricity bills for the next 20 years in one lot. We did that for water after all! Put in tanks and pipes. After more than twenty years some tanks needed to be replaced. But we don't get charged water rates out here and we have responsibility for collecting our own water. It makes us frugal in its use! Electricity is pretty much the same. On the 5th May 2009 we received our first cheque paying for the excess that we deliver to the grid. We are paid an amount which is equal to what we are charged. (Feed in tariffs would increase that. I am not sure if that would make these extra panels an actual investment for us; but other people will live here one day. They might consume electricity as if they lived in the suburbs!) (and we might get an electric car that needs to be charged up too! Especially if NSW goes down the Victorian direction of using the excess power generated to offset power used. (with the total excess being lost after three years.) So no idea of "rewarding" customers like us who become more frugal with their home generated electricity.)
and now in November 2010 we have paid out $35,000 for a 3.61Kw (22 panels) system. There were no subsidies for the second lot installed but Renewable Energy Certificates sold made it cheaper than we had anticipated. (Though we had thought of not selling the RECs. They got sold though so we shrug and make some other power generators help us pay.)
And NSW now has a generous gross feed in tariff that we will benefit from. (having been in the system before it was suddenly cut recently.) Our $35,000 investment may in fact get paid for in ten years or so.
In the meantime, we have in fact invested in other appliances. A new fridge, a new vacuum cleaner; both contributing to an even lower use of electricity.
Could we ever bear to leave this house and go into town where we might have to heat and cool a dwelling; might have to actually turn on the heater for hot water? Here we are content; live in a warm and cool house and have very small needs. Potatoes make a basic meal too. And we are surrounded bu friends old and new. Magpies, doves and rosellas. A new cheeky youngster who actually has conversations with me. (Where's my muesli? Sqwaked from the window… me telling it to go to the front of the house for it! And immediately it flies there and waits for me to come. Sometimes I can't believe the communications I have. But I do have them.


monthly electricity
(click this picture to see a larger graph.)
updated Statistics are in an Excel file (360Kbs). These stats go from October 2006 to mid January 2010.

Burra actually has numerous photovoltaic arrays. This is just one of them. (There are probably not enough for us as a community to go "off grid", but what a thought that might be!)

Since October 2006 we have been producing electricity from our own photovoltaic (solar) panels. The power generated and power used has been measured and this graph shows that so far we are generating more than we use. In early May 2007 we have had a few days where we used more than we generated. The days are shorter and there have been just a few days when the low pressure cells actually came across southern Australia and we had clouds, if not much rain.

The system is an 1860 Watt grid connect system. With a government rebate of $4,000 it cost about as much as a trip to Europe, or a small car. We all make choices! (and now the rebate has doubled! and been means tested…)
There are twelve 155W Polycrystalline BP Solar panels which were also discounted by BP's Envirocash rebate.
It is not cheap, and with the present "feed in tariff" which is currently 15.3 cents per kWh, we won't be making a lot from it. (But we don't make anything from our refrigerator either.) Electricity used to cost us perhaps $180 a quarter. That amount won't be needed now. We have cut down a lot on our use. (Anyone can do this without having solar panels!) In Germany feed in tariffs are four times the cost of electricity to consumers. This would make having the system almost a sensible commercial decision and probably pay off the cost within five or ten years instead of the nearly twenty that it might take now. (Feed in tariffs are coming to the ACT in March 2009.)

Our system was installed by Solartec. See their web site at http://www.solartec.com.au/
We strongly recommend them!

Photo voltaic panels

Our daily electricity use had plummeted and generation is still good in autumn, but some days we don't export. A daily record is kept, and available here as an Excel file. (right click and "save as")

Our daily electricity use is small. A Solar Hot Water heater is essential (if you want a hot water system). We vacuum rarely, the stove is gas, washing up is done by hand, and we dry our clothes on the verandah.

http://itsgettinghotinhere.org/2008/04/17/kila-whos-its-and-mega-whats-its-a-primer-on-energy-power-and-capacity/#more-4615 a discussion of power and energy and how they are measured.

This PC User Group site is a mixture of bits and pieces from Linda Anchell.

Web pages which I manage for my own parish, the group of Women in Black who stand in vigil every Friday and the Canberra Refugee Action Committee:


That site is forwarded from this present site, so the index page for Women in Black comes from http://members.tip.net.au/~lindafrd/WinB/WinB.html unlike this personal site, these three are changed regularly.

my work: Easter diaconal resources:

After Easter in 2006, I cleaned up The Exultet; manuscript. This is a plainsong chant that I sing on Easter morning at the Lighting of the Fire sunrise service at St Philip's.

Paschal Candle decoration and the Exultet. (with reflections and links.)

collection of sermons that I have preached over the years.

Christmas poem/song from Adelong.
Anzac Day reflection
Words from Nelson Mandela and others (Freedom and Power)
Annie Dillard
Elie Wiesel

Multiple Sclerosis pages Mostly written during the late 1990's, and with an interest in the influence of neurotransmitters in MS. This is especially those neurotransmitters of the sympathetic system. I heard talk at an MS conference in 2006 about neuro psycho immunology. This is now being heard about much more than in those early years. So what was writing isn't "ten years out of date". (I don't claim to be ahead of my time! Just interested then in a quirky area which is now developing.)

Where Angels Fear to Tread: A monthly (1996) column on neurology items. (based on multiple sclerosis.)

Here is a pdf file to download Short_Booklet.pdf about Multiple Sclerosis and its complexity. (or to view it on the web go to Table of Contents)

Sergio has emailed me a link to his web site about MS. It is much more professional than the small bits that I have in this site here. You might like to have a look: http://www.allaboutms.com Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, Diet, Exercise & Living with Multiple Sclerosis

My old Ozemail site is now here. Still with a lot of the coding from the days I used Netscape to compose pages. This site was mainly about Multiple Sclerosis.

please let me know of any queries or frustrations.
email at lindafrd@pcug.org.au

Other bits and pieces:

Where I live: "homestead advertising" page. It's set up for visiting cousins, but the photos of the skinks and the house are worth sharing with a wider audience.

Kimberley photos and (tongue in cheek) comments at kimberley.html

The index page to old Ozemail site, with my "web log" on it is at old_site

and for something completely different: (this is about Linda)

You're Origen!

You do nothing by half-measures. If you're going to read the Bible, you want to read it in the original languages. If you're going to teach, you're going to reach as many souls as possible, through a proliferation of lectures and books. If you're a guy and you're going to fight for purity … well, you'd better hide the kitchen shears.

Find out which Church Father you are at The Way of the Fathers!

The Raven is called "The Bird of Paradox" in North western North America. The white raven is definitely an ambiguous, paradoxical bird. It seems to fit me, especially in my work.

White Raven

The picture of the White Raven came from Michael in Canada. There is the albino gene in the raven flock in Urila Valley and during 1998 I saw one reasonably often. I last saw it flying erratically and probably growing old and feeble. I have not seen another one since then. To me it is a symbol of ambiguity and paradox. A black crow that is white! To see it meant looking again. I did a real double take. A white cockatoo with a crow's beak??? It took a few sightings to be sure of what I was seeing. ("The eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend"! Bruce D Trapp Annals of Neurology, 55:4 2004)
In 2010 I found out who Bruce Trapp got the quote from:
"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend."
Henri Bergson quotes (French Philosopher, 1927 Nobel Prize in Literature, 1859-1941)

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