The Following Has been Scanned and OCR'd from

the "Summer 1962" St Bede's Magasine

by Mike Dinn (1944-1951)



IAN REISCH (1956) writes from New Zealand where he is an assistant foreman for maintenance with an Automatic Telephone and Electric Company in Wellington. After leaving St Patrick's College, Wellington, with five subjects in his School Certificate, he was apprenticed to electrical engineering, installing telephones, clocks and public address systems.

BILL STEEL (1960), at a Nautical College in Cardiff, is blown out of bed every morning at 6.30 by a bugler, runs round the neighbourhood till 7, and cleans the College till 8 when breakfast comes. Lessons start at 8.45 with signals practice and go on till close on 5 p.m. Cleaning College again until 7, followed by dinner and 'Quarters', an inspection by the officer in charge. Then comes free time till lights out at 10 p.m. No wonder a tired and weary cadet makes the most of a few hours' sleep before Reveille. Fridays and Saturdays make life more bearable with football and sailing in the training vessel Margherita in the Bristol Channel. And some St Bede's boys think they are hard-worked!

Congratulations to PETER KENNEDY (1960) on the award of the Leeds University Medical Prize worth £135 for the best results of 1962 for 2nd M.B. His brother PAUL, with I.C.I., still in Harrogate, has been elected an Associate member of the Textile Institute (Manchester).

We had an interesting letter late in 1961 from BILL HUNT (1943-49). Married, and living in Chelmsford, he is in the Legal Dept of the Essex County Council (Town and Country Planning). In winning his Diploma in Municipal Administration, he took first place in England in his intermediate and final examinations. His brother, TONY HUNT (1950-55) is out of his apprenticeship with a firm of precision diesel engineers at Yeadon.

An O.B. with a Mensa class brainbox would like to know if any past or present pupil can improve on the following 'Palindrome': 'Now, stop Major General-are Negro jampots won?'

[A Palindrome, for the benefit of the normal I.Q. holders, is a sentence which reads the same backwards as forward.-EDITOR.]

We hear that two O.B. priests, Fathers GEORGE BRADLEY and KEVIN THORNTON, curates at St Patrick's, Bradford, are doing great work with a Legion of Mary working exclusively among the large coloured population of Bradford.

JACK PERRY is working on a big building scheme in Cumberland, and is a near neighbour of JOHN BOTTOMLEY. JOHN WHITE, still with the Forestry Commission in Wales, now has six youngsters. ERIC NORTH is now teaching at the Catholic Grammar School in Blackburn. Father TERENGE CORRIGAN is Chaplain to the Catholic students at Sheffield University. FATHER GALLON left parish work to go to the Catholic Missionary Society.

JOE DIMUANTES called at school after the 1961 Jottings had gone to press. In the Royal Artillery for many years as Cartographer-Surveyor he retired a year or two back with the rank of Major. You remember the Troopship Windrush fire a few years ago. Joe was returning from Malaya on her, lost everything, and finished up in hospital in Algiers.

His brother, PETER DIMUANTES, was in Canada, doing concerts and continuing his success as a vocalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Co.

DAVID PEEL, proud father of a son, sailed for America in the early autumn. After his D.Ph., he was awarded a Research Scholarship to Harvard where he was to join a Research Team studying the structure of Nucleic Acids. He will probably remain for two years.

PAUL SERVAIS (1958) called on a visit from Belgium where he has another two years almost, at school. He lives near Liege.

LEO HANLON is at the end of his Second Year at St Mary's, Strawberry Hill, studying for a degree. He has formed a Choral Society which bids fair to do great things.

It is said that TONY MANcHESTER is an Education Officer in Ghana and married, but I can't verify this. GEORGE GARGAN, teaching still I think in Keighley, is an important figure in Baildon Golf Club and has been Captain and President this last year or two.

Christmas greetings came from JIM MURRAY in Colombia, South America, thanking us for the School Mag. In a mid-November holiday Jim had gone with a Scout Troop for a fortnight in Jamaica. BRIAN KELLY is a Sanitary Engineer and lives in Carlisle. Apoloqising for a misprint in the last Mag, we hasten to say that MICHAEL DINN not DUNN went to Australia on a three-year contract in late 1960. He handles all instrumentation in Test aircraft. He has Officer status, with none of the Service disadvantages, a house only half a mile away from the airfield, wonderful weather if you like 104deg sometimes, three wonderful children from 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 and what goes without saying a wonderful wife, and no doubt the wonderful prospect of coming home in about a year. For any Australian O.B. Michael is near Laverton, Victoria. TERENCE DINN picked the worst day of 1961 for his wedding day-3Oth December.

I don't think there is any truth in the rumour that an O.B. is the agent of the Bedouin Shepherd of Qumran who is holding out for a lot more shekels before parting with the best of the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Curator of the Jerusalem Museum-not that O.B.s don't get around Jericho or Timbuctoo. One, HENRY ST J. ARMITAGE, spent many years in the Middle East-Aden way, and more recently in Tripoli, Libya. He is now in England, living at Bottisham, Cambridge. J. REGAN, before I forget, is also domiciled in Cambridge, Girton I think, but not the College.

Our White Father O.B.s also get around in strange places. FATHER PHILIP LEEDAL, who gave hundreds of his ordination cards last summer to St Bede's boys, flew to Africa, and is now busy learning Swahili in N. Tanganyika. He is at the Mission of Rukwa with 8,ooo baptised Catholics. FATHER JOHN HENZE, W.F., was in Bradford during May visiting many of our schools, talking about the Missionary work of the White Fathers. All our best wishes to FATHER ANTHONY WHELAN, W.F., who will have been ordained by the time you read these notes. I was sorry not to see the great White Father who started it all, so far as St Bede's boys were concerned, Father Bernard Gaffney who must have arrived by now from Uganda, even if we reported him in the last Mag. as coming home on a slow cargo boat. Our other White Father O.B., FATHER GEOFFREY SWEENEY, was also in the Tanganyika area, teaching in a Junior Seminary.

After Mass the other Sunday I met JACK WILKINSON and his wife, recently home on leave from Malaya and Singapore. After well over a dozen years in the Colonial Service, mainly in Malaya, Jack is now home to retire, in which pleasant pursuit we wish them happy years.

Just too late for the last issue was TERENCE FINAN'S visit to Bradford from Rutland, Massachusetts. He is instructor and student at Clark University, Worcester, mainly in business practice and psychology. I wonder if he, Tony Bottomley (with a big Petroleum Co. near Boston) and David Peel have got together yet. They can't be so far away from each other.

JIM FORSTER, who went with his family to Canada after taking his degree here, is a Junior Inspector of Schools in Saskatchewan. His father, on St Bede's Staff for many years, is teaching Chemistry in an Ottowa College, and hopes to be over here this summer. FATHER DOYLE looked very proud of his fine new Grammar School, St Thomas Aquinas, when he received his many guests from St Bede's and elsewhere at a warm-hearted school warming he had. His staff seem to be even more versatile than St Bede's in their powers of entertaining.

As mentioned in the President's note PETER OUGHTIBRIDGE, now teaching in London, has taken over from JACK HUGHES, whom I thank for his many magnificent London letters. Peter sends the London news now. Twenty-nine members met on 5th May at the Duke of York, Victoria, with Mr Branigan as chief guest. There were some lively exchanges between J.B. and Louis METCALFE (now a Headmaster in London). Michael White as usual regulated things, particularly speech-lengths and tobacco smoke detected before 'the Pope and the Queen'. Mgr Tindall looked very well, and was eloquent about the chief guest's work for St Bede's, and Mgr Sweeney brought us up to date on school developments, even mentioning a regiment of female children attached to the school. There is much to make this London dinner attractive - a blend of youth and age should appeal to any O.B. living in greater London. There is no Sub. other than the cost of the dinner. You meet friends from the home association, and even if you know not one of the appended names of those present this year you will be really welcome.

Present were: Mgrs Tinda]l, Sweeney, Father McNicholas, P. Keogh, A. J. Keogh, C. R. Whelan, J. Malcolm, B. Cole, D. Bailey, K. Dunn, W. Geraghty, L. Metcalfe, C. J. Muller, W. R. Dalingwater, M. White, J. Meyer, L. Gillin, J. Hughes, L. Byrne, M. Woodward, M. McEvoy and from Bradford J. J. Branigan, K. Moore, J. McEvoy, J. Flanagan, J. W. Smith (President) and R. Oliver.

Do get in touch then with P. Oughtibridge at 40 Eton Avenue, London, N.12, if you live in Greater London.

It was a shock in mid-May to hear of JOE RICHARD'S sudden death. He had been Headmaster of St Ann's for twenty-one years, after teaching there for ten years. An old Simmarian, he was a keen footballer with the O.B. team and with Guiseley, and was President of the W.R. Old Boys' League. His only son is at St Bede's. To his wife and daughters we send our condolences. May he rest in peace. Invariably we have to record serious road accidents involving Old Boys. We hope that PETER MORRIS is fully recovered from a bad spill near Wetherby last September, and record that CHRISTOPHER CANNON died in a car accident in the spring. R.I.P. We were all sorry to hear of Father John Flynn's death in the last week of 1961. Ordained priest almost forty-two years ago he had been Parish Priest of St Mary's for some years. May he rest in peace.

PETER DOOLING joined BERNARD JACKSON at the English College, Valladolid, Spain. The latter's family went to Spain to join him for a holiday in July and to view him for the first time in two years. MICHAEL JACKSON, out of his service with the R.A.F. in Cyprus, is now back home. He was married at St Columba's last September with Nuptial Mass celebrated by his uncle, FR BERNARD JACKSON, who is now Parish Priest of the Blessed Sacrament, Athersley, Barnsley. FR GERALD BURKE and FR GERARD HANLON are together at Leeds Cathedral. FR T. BOYLE is at Goldthorpe, FR W. CAVANAGH at Dinnington, FR J. T. DUNNE at Clifford, FR HARGREAVES at Selby, and seen lately near Valladolid. FR B. IvESON is at St Joseph's, Huddersfield, FR M. KEEGAN at Wombwell, FR T. KENNY at St Augustine's, Leeds, FR K. MEEDS at Atterdiffe, Sheffield, FR G. MOVERLEY at St Brigid's, Cherwell, FR F. PEPPER at South Elmsall, FR B. SHARP at St Joseph's, Pudsey, FR T. TOLAN at Sacred Heart, Leeds. FR P. WALMSLEY at the Holy Rosary, Leeds, FR P. WARD, St Marie's, Sheffield, and FR TERENCE WHITE at St Ignatius', Ossett. FR BASIL LOFTUS is at the English College in Rome, and was a much appreciated mentor and guide to a school party there at Easter. FR PEARSON is teaching at Ushaw College with FR CYRIL MOVERLEY and FR RAFFERTY. FR ANTHONY WILKINSON has our prayers with him in his lonely missionary work in Peru.

MIKE HELLAWELL (1955), winger for Birmingham City, has perhaps been unlucky to miss International honours. 'Perhaps he is getting his first lesson in England grooming . . . patience.' He seems to be on the fringe of international honours, is only twenty½hree, and played for an F.A. team in a Notts County centenary match. Cricket is also his game, and last season he played with Keighley, but now settled in the Midlands he may play for Warwickshire 2nds.

BRIAN COOK is still in New York, assistant curator in the Dept of Greek and Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After leaving Manchester with a First Class Honours degree in Classics, Brian went to Cambridge for two years, then National Service and back to Cambridge to do research in classical archaeology. In 1960 he was a student in Athens before taking up his appointment in New York. His engagement was announced to Veronica, daughter of an Old Boy, BERNARD DEWHIRST. We were sorry to hear of GEORGE DEWHIRST'S illness. In the building up of the Association when expert guidance in financial and administrative matters was vital, GEORGE DEWHIRST was Treasurer for many years. We send him our best wishes and prayers.

PATRICK J. HANDLEY, ice-skating in Leeds, was persuaded to write a note about himself. He is at Campion House, Osterley (now in process of enlargement), and combines Latin and Greek with a vast variety of games. With him is EDWARD PARKER: both are hoping to enter a major seminary later to study for the priesthood.

BERNARD BOYLAN, writing from Upholland, speaks feelingly about Latin. TOM MILROY is enjoying life as a novice at Ampleforth in spite of early rising and a very full curriculum.

We hear that among many O.B.s destined for distinguished niches on the Boards of the big Five are PETER KERRIGAN (1960) in a Skipton bank, and MALCOLM THORNTON with the Midland Bank, Settle. KEITH THORNTON (1950) is with the Harrogate Hospital Board, WILFRED RILEY (1948), married now with one child, is at Rolls Royce, Barnoldswick, BERNARD RILEY (1946), also married, is a male nurse at Raikeswood Hospital, Skipton, and DOUGLAS BALDWIN works at Grassington Sanatorium. Of the GINTY brothers, Terence, B.SC. and PH.D. (King's College, Newcastle), was living in Darlington, worked with Rolls Royce on the Nuclear Submarine, and was last heard of in the U.S.A., BERNARD was with English Electric, Hawick and JOHN in a bank at Darlington. DR MICHAEL LYNCH specializes in Orthopaedics at Keighley. DR MICHAEL FITZPATRICK (1952) is in the Army - R.A.M.C., STEPHEN is at Leeds University, PETER CHILD at Medical School, Sheffield with A. MURPHY. FRANCIS DEERY, PH.D., is doing research in Textiles, Leeds University. KEVIN WESTMAN (1955) is married and living in Clacton. JAMES WALSH (1956), took his City and Guilds Finals at Huddersfield Tech, and has been with the G.P.O. for six years. NORMAN HARKER (1957) did well in his City and Guilds (Textiles) at Keighley Tech. He hopes to be able to take up a Scholarship (two years Diploma Course) at Leeds University. J. HEAP is centre-half for Skipton L.M.S. Senior Team, Craven League (Div. I). JOHN HELLAWELL is coming on well with Bradford City Reserves.

We occasionally see FRANCIS VAUGHAN of the Land Registry Office in London and MICHAEL, his brother, now in his second year at the Royal Academy of Art.

Congratulations to RICHARD HEMINGWAY on winning the Long Jump in the Christie Cup Meeting of the Northern Universities in May

RORY GEOGHEGAN, son of a Past President, Laurence Geoghegan, is to be ordained priest in the Jesuit Order at the end of July. MICHEL GEOGHEGAN, Foreign Office diplomat, has been appointed to the Embassy in Brussels, with duties on the U.K. Delegation to the European Community in Common Market negotiations. ANTHONY GEOGHEGAN passed his final examinations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, taking second place. HILARY GEOGHEGAN, brother of Rory and cousin of Michel and Anthony, after his scholarship success at the Slade School of Art, is now a lecturer at the Sunderland College of Art. Congratulations on his marriage at Christ the King, Crossflatts, in August; Father Doyle performed the ceremony. Our congratulations on their marriage too for MICHAEL MONAGHAN (1957) a former School Captain, who after his First Class Honours B.Sc. at Sheffield, is now doing research there; KEVIN STENSON (1955) served his apprenticeship with English Electric for whom he now works in Birmingham and married last year; GEORGE LEVER (1956), with his National Service in the R.A.F. well behind him, also married last year; JOHN LANGTRY-LANGTON was married at the Church of Our Lady, Acomb, York, in October last. Congratulations, portmanteau fashion, to all O.B.s who have married since last June.

There are no doubt many, we hear of but a handful. DONALD MIDDLETON married in September. MICHAEL O'REGAN (1949) is a Sergeant in the Regular Army, is stationed in Germany and has married a German girl. BARRY PATE works for the G.P.O.; he married a Lancashire girl.

JAMES J. EVANS (1961) is in Monmouthshire with the Royal Army Training Corps. Training to be a draughtsman he has settled happily in Wales where he went in January. A very welcome letter today from CHRISTOPHER JOHN SMITH whom a few O.B.s may remember entering Form I in 1948. He moved to the Marist College, Hull, in 1950, and later to the Becket School, Nottingham. He joined the Rosminians in 1953 and has been at Wonersh, Guildford, since 1956. Our old friend Fr McGough, now Headmaster of St Gregory's, Huddersfield, was his Novice Master. He asks for our prayers for he hopes to be ordained priest at the parish of Dollis Hill London, on 5th August. Another O.B. JOHN HUGHES (1959) is also studying at Wonersh. His brother, PAUL HUGHES, is studying for the priesthood in the Jesuit order.

KEITH ALBROW was a welcome visitor at school while on a visit from New Zealand where he is in Insurance with the Liverpool London and Globe Co. PETER DIXON (1961) is a Police Cadet with the West Riding Force and so is J. MANNION at Slaithwaite. STEWART SMITH (1960) is at Strawberry Hill, St Mary's Training College, taking a Technical Course. VINCENT DALINGWATER (1931) is a Pharmacist at Blackpool. KENNETH JUCKES is now back in Bradford after six years' teaching in Ceylon. PADDY SNOWDEN has a general store at Dukes Brow, near Blackburn and is part-time coach for Soccer at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Blackburn.

An increasing number of O.B.s is entering that most important field of Catholic Action - Local Government. We are happy to record their good work, their efforts to get themselves elected, their ups and downs as it were. GERRY DENNISON, tilted against a very formidable opponent in the Manningham Ward, but did not take the seat. PAUL PEARSON successfully joined in the Liberal revival at Pudsey Greenside. Congratulations! PETER SLAVEN also is to be congratulated on his winning the seat for Labour at N.E. Bierley. He has been Secretary of his branch of the Post Office Engineering Union for five years and is a member of the Electrical Advisory Committee. PETER KEIGHLEY made gallant efforts to win the North-East Ward for the Conservatives, but failed. Bob KELLY represents the Great Horton Ward as a Conservative, a seat he won before at a by-election. LAWRENCE DURKIN (1948), after his North Staffordshire University days and a spell in the Bradford Police Force, took a course at Leicester Training College where he gained a national diploma in youth leadership. Then he was appointed full-time leader of the Lewisham Park Youth Club, Morley. I have a note that he is now a Probation Officer, but am not too sure of its authenticity. GEORGE HEPTONSTALL (1956) was successful in the finals of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and is with a firm of Accountants in Leeds. His father, G. N. HEPTONSTALL is a director of Taylor and Parsons.

L. CRYHE is Scoutmaster of the 23rd St Anne's Troop, Keighley, and a member of the Rover Crew at Howden Top, where he is a Camp Warden.

We were glad to hear from the following who sent Subscriptions for Membership and/or President's Insignia Fund: MICHAEL FLETCHER of Dalton, Huddersfield, A. D. W. WHELAN teaching in Preston, JOHN LOUGHLIN, who is at the Linton Residential School near Skipton. Congratulations on the birth of his son in January, J. K. GRUNDY in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, JOHN MYERS in Edinburgh, DONALD HAMILTON, University Park, Nottingham, P. BAILEY with Martins Bank, Halifax, J. GALLAGHER from Bolton, Lancs, REV. ROBERT MEYER, St Bede's, Sacristan, Durham, DR JOHN GALVIN and DR ALFRED REEVES, both in practice in South Yorkshire. JOHN LIPSCOMB from Old Windsor, Berkshire (Francis is in Yorkshire and Edwin in London), E. J. BROWN from Hollin Lane, Leeds, who attended St Bede's on its first day at Drewton Street, W. GOTT of Bramhall, Cheshire, J. MCNICHOLAS of Whalley Grange, MICHAEL CARTER of Lancaster, VINCENT HOLDSWORTH of Liversedge, J. A. SMITH from Bispham, Blackpool, C. H. PLATTS from Scholes, J. M. BALDING from Manchester, MICHAEL LINDLEY from Sandal. Many thanks to them and to all those who have contributed.

We were particularly glad to hear from Fr BEDE, O.F.M.CAP., The Franciscan Friary, Chester, FrA. P. BYRNE, C.R.L., Newquay, Cornwall, and Mgr MALONE, Ilkley, happily back there after a long convalescence following a serious heart attack.

JOHN V. BARRY writes from Surrey where he is 'seriously thinking of emigrating to Australia'. A much travelled young man, he has spent the last eight years in Africa, has sailed the Nile from end to end, climbed Kilimanjaro three times ('it's not hard'), trekked on camels across the Sudan deserts, suffered the hold of an Indian ship to Bombay, and visited Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii and the States which he dislikes even more than England. His younger brother, BRENDAN, keeps him in touch with affairs at St Bede's.

TONY SHARP (1952) emigrated to Canada in 1957, and is enjoying life in the Special Branch of the C.I.B. (Criminal Investigation Bureau) in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, stationed at London, Ontario.

PETER ROOK (1955) also went to Canada in 1958. He works in the Royal Bank of Canada in Prince Rupert. We enjoyed a visit from him in February.

LEWIS BRADY (1935) joined the Royal Navy in 1939. In the closing stages of the war he served in Japan. He served later in the New Zealand Navy from 1951-57, spending some time in Korea. He now lives in Wellington, has three children, and works in the Government Printing Offices and instructs the Apprentices in English and Maths.

DAVID TOWERS (1959) is in a wool buyer's office. Among younger Old Boys Alan Spence, Barry Hancock, Peter Hart, Anthony Moore, Michael Routledge and Philip Hatton are sampling the delights and trials of teaching in local Catholic Schools. I suppose staffing problems are as acute now as at any time in this century and boys such as these are helping to alleviate the Eccles ache as it were. In many schools a wind of change is blowing through hitherto sedate staff rooms, and a sort of scholastic musical chairs is being played with a Lord Burnham at the grand piano.

CHRIS WOODFORD is working at Foyles, JOHN MALCOLM is in the Civil Service in London, ADRIAN KNEAFSEY is at the Huddersfield Technical College, STUART MCKENNA is leaving the Bradford College of Art to take up his well-deserved Sculpture Scholarship at the Slade School, DERMOT COGHLAN is at Brown Muff's and our two State Scholars, JOHN CONNOR and PETER HAYES, on the verge of Old Boyhood, and destined for an exciting future at Churchill College, Cambridge, are no doubt broadening their minds in the interlude. MICHAEL PROCTER is improving his Spanish not a long way from Barcelona. PAUL GUNN is in an R.A.F. Maintenance Unit in Nicosia after a long home leave at Christmas. CSABA LENGYEL is improving his French near Poitiers.

JIM SULLIVAN is taking a two year course in the Hotel and Catering subjects at Leeds Technical College, and hopes to have the City and Guilds and College Diploma by 1963. We hear that BRIAN JACKSON is an Insurance Broker in the Headrow, Leeds, that JOHN MURRAY has been elected president of Devonshire Hall, the Hall of Residence for men students at Leeds University and hope that CHRIS MCCAVANAGH is recovering from a serious illness. Congratulations to MICHAEL GANNON on his appointment to the Deputy Headship of the new Blessed Edmund Campion School to be opened in September. JIM LOCK is off to Hong Kong for I.C.I. JAMES WINKLEY joined the Maths. Staff of St Bede's from Blackburn, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, last September, and O.B.s joining the Staff next September include PAUL HILL for Geology and Chemistry and Brian Rowe on the Technical Staff.

TERENCE O'HARA is going to the Carnegie College for a year on a P.E. Course. HAROLD WALSH is leaving St Bede's on his appointment to the Head of' the Technical Dept of the new Edmund Campion School, Rhodesway. JACK WARD is also leaving to take up children's work, leading to the post of Children's Officer based on Preston.

JACK LANGTRY-LANGTON must feel proud of his contribution to the architectural blossoming of that up and coming town of Shipley. His design for the Church of St Mary and St Walburga now lives in a distinguished yet solid Yorkshire stone, already the subject of lively comment and extraordinary praise in the community. It was wonderful to hear, at the opening by His Lordship the Bishop on 4th June, how many O.B. priests had served as boys at the altar of the 95-year-old former church and gone on to St Bede's and Ushaw.

PETER HEATON is Librarian in charge of the Girlington Branch. A very active member of the Civic Theatre Drama section he has taken many leading roles in the last few years and was in the Bradford Amateurs' production of Glamorous Night at the Alhambra.

RAYMOND ZIEGLER is now living in Switzerland.

Monsignor TINDALL sends his welcome few notes from Scorton. In mid-June he had just returned from Rome where he met Fr BASIL LOFTUS, and lunched at the Baeda with BERNARD NESDEN (Northampton Diocese) who hopes to be ordained next year. DICK HYNES (1905) is in the Hospital at Scorton with EDWIN BENNETT (1905), one of the old boarders and No. 1 in St Bede's Scouts, joined 8th September 1908. Fr BERNARD GAFFNEY is giving retreats in America before going back to Nigeria.

JULIUS PADEGIMAS (1961) now attends the Kelly High School in Chicago. PETER WILDE (1944)' Choirmaster at St Anne's, Keighley, teaches at St Joseph's Primary School, Ingrow.

BRIAN UNWIN (1948) after service in the Army in Korea, joined the Merchant Navy, married a New Zealand girl, and is now settled there. HUGH SPENCER, after a spell in Industry with G.E.C. is now teaching at Highfield Secondary Modern School. MICHAEL WOODWARD is in Inland Revenue in London and plays rugby now. RAYMOND DALINGWATER is a Civil Servant in London working with the Prisons Commission. LEONARD UNSWORTH is Racing Manager of the Hull, Craven Park Greyhound Club. DAVID JOWETT, living in Otley, is an Insurance Broker. MICHAEL WALSH (1953) was in the R.A.F. in Cyprus and was married in 1961. At least one O.B. seems to be in the money. It is reported that JOHN BRAINE has been offered £25,000 for the film rights of his new novel not yet published. MATTHEW HALL (1937) is in the Regular Army, Sergeant-Major, and stationed in Cyprus. PHILIP WALSH and DAVID BRIGGS who have spent much of their National Service together have recently returned to civvy street. DANNY HARRIS (1960) is on the Motor Vessel St John sailing to Canada and New York, MICHAEL DORAN and PADDY DAWSON are roaming the seven seas on their lawful occasions in the Merchant Navy. We hear that PAUL MOVERLEY, successfully through degree and Accountancy Finals, is with the British Motor Corporation in the Midlands. Many O.B.s are in Yorkshire Police Forces, PAUL MCDERMOTT on Motor Cycle Patrol in Leeds, and ANTHONY GUILFOYLE and STEPHEN MOORHOUSE both in the Leeds Force. KEVIN DELANEY, after teaching for some years at St Michael's College, Leeds, has been appointed Senior English Master at the Cardinal Hinsley Grammar School to be built at Tong in 1963. He will be the first O.B. on that Staff, and so will carry an added responsibility when our only sister Grammar School rises from the green fields and no doubt reluctant clay of Tong.

BERNARD ABBERTON is now Manager of the Bradford Office of the Yorkshire Post. MAURICE KEENAN works for Pennine Insurance, Halifax. JOHN HUNT works in the Borough Offices, Ilkley Town Hall, and is an enthusiastic member of the D.P.E. (Otley) football team, scoring the winning goal in a Cup-Final. ALBERT DIDGIUNITIS is in the Halifax Borough Treasurer's Office. TOM MORELAND is off to the U.S.A. August under the

Teacher Exchange plan. JOHN WILD is Headmaster of St Michael's Primary School. DR MICHAEL ROBERTS after service in the R.A.M.C., got his F.R.C.S. He has written many articles in Medical Journals, and last year won a Gold Medal and a 100 guinea prize; he is shortly to take up an appointment in Bristol.

To conclude on a valedictory note. The Association would like Mr Branigan and Mr Creedon to know that in this year of their retirement they carry with them the affectionate good wishes of thousands of Old Boys who sat at their feet as youngsters, listened and tried to understand their words of wisdom, grew to young manhood and became their friends ,and now would like someone to voice their sincere appreciation of forty-two years of work well done.

The Winner of the First Annual O.B. Golf Tournament at Northcliffe Golf Club, on 20th June, was Alan Spence (1961) one of our younger O,B.s and a very promising golfer. Frank Haigh was runner-up.