Dear Mr. Dinn,



Thank you for your enquiry.


I would like to draw your attention to our introduction which is placed at the front of your report. It will serve as a guide through your Family History Report.


The townland of Shanaboe is situated in Queen's County (now known as Co. Laois), in the barony of Maryborough West in the Civil Parish of Clonenagh and Clonagheen. This Civil Parish incorporates the R.C. parishes part Ballyfin, Mountrath and Raheen (ref maps). I conducted a search of the Baptismal Registers, and located the baptism of your grandfather William Dunne in Raheen R.C. Baptismal Register 1819-1899 ref Family Group Sheet 1. The priest registered the names in the original register, as he heard them pronounced. It is unlikely that he asked the parents to spell their surnames. The priest was considered to be an authority in his area, and would be expected to know the parents names. This would account for the variants of names. I can only give the information as I find it located.


It was the custom of the time, for the bride to marry in her home parish. I located in Raheen R.C. Marriage Register, the marriage of Pat Dunne and Honor Reid, in February 1865. As this was after Civil Registration, which commenced in 1864, I contacted the Registrar Of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Health Centre, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, who supplied me with additional information on the marriage. Pat was son of William, farmer 24 years of age, from the townland of Clonban. Honor was daughter of John, Farmerís Daughter, 25 years of age, from the townland of Clouscullen. Pat and Honor married 28/2/1865.


I then conducted a search of Raheen Baptismal Register for the baptism of Pat Dunne, son of William, c. 1841. I located what appears to be a good possibility - ref Family Group Sheet 2. In this period in our history, no emphasis was placed on birthdays, which may account for the discrepancy in Pat's age.


I located the marriage of William Dun and Nany Kelly in Raheen 2/1836. There were no Church records kept in this parish prior to 1819. Civil Registration did not commence in Ireland until 1864.


I conducted a search of Raheen Baptismal Register c. 1840, for the baptism of Honor, daughter of John Reid, without success. I located what may be possibly the correct family, as I know from experience, not all children were registered by the priest ref Family Group Sheet 3. Honor may have been the last child of John and Betty. Betty being the abbreviated version of Elzabeth. It was the custom of the time, to name the first son after the paternal grandfather, the first daughter after the paternal grandmother, the second son after the maternal grandfather, the second daughter after the maternal grandmother. This may lend weight to my agreement. However, I can not confirm this information.


The Death Register for Raheen is sporadic. It dates from 1884-1892, 1899-1904, 1920-1925. In this period, no relevant information was located on Dunne I Reid families. After 1864, one can have a search carried out through Civil research. One would require an approximate date of death, before a search could be undertaken by the Registrar.


As per our introduction, Tithe Applotment Index 1823-1837, was a tax assessment for farmers. I located no reference to William Dunne in the townland of Clonbane. It may have his father (name unknown - possibly Pat), who was in occupation. The Tithe for the Civil parish of Clonenagh and Clonagheen, was taken in 1829, William did not marry until 1836. There was no William or Patrick Dunne (or variants) located in this index. I located a John Reed, Senior and Junior, in the townland of Cluscullen, Civil Parish of Clonenagh and Clonagheen, which incorporates part of the R.C parish of Raheen, Ballyfin and Mountrath.


Griffith's Valuation c. 1854, was a list of all occupiers of land. I located no reference to William Dunne in the townland of Clonbane in this index. I located a John Reade, in the townland of Cloosecullen, Civil Parish of Clonenagh and Clonagheen.


The 1901 Census of Ireland is the first Census to survive. I located no reference to the Dunne family in the townland of Clonban(e), in the District Electoral Division of Raheen. It may be possible that Pat and Honora may be deceased, and the family scattered. I located 2 families of Reid in the townland of Closecullen, in the District Electoral Division of Raheen (re. Enclosure). I am unable to make the connection with your family.


I contacted the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Portlaoise, seeking the birth certificate of William Dunne, son of Patt Dunne and Honora Reed, baptised February 1874. I regret to say, she was unable to locate his birth. It would appear he was not registered. It is suggested, that as much as 10% - 15% of births and marriages were not registered in the period under review. The fee for a birth certificate will not now be charged to your account.


From Mac Lysaght Surnames of Ireland, I have extracted information on the surname Dunn(e), and Reid for your perusal. I enclose a brief history of Raheen from Samuel Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837. There is a publication available Dunne People and Places by Joe Dunne, which may be of interest to you - ref enclosure.


This report had been prepared to the best of my ability, and for the private research purposes of the applicant. It is not intended for use in any legal matter, or for gain. Please note that where variants of spellings occur e.g. Dunne I Dun I Dunn / Reed I Reid these spellings are taken exactly as given in the registers and records available to us.


If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Yours sincerely,






Ann Horan (Mrs)