2nd Aug 96

Dear Mike

Sorry for not replying to your letter sooner. I got some data on Patrick Dinn Marriage or Patk Dunne as it was down in marriage book in Raheen. I got access to it last week. Patrick Dunne was married to Honora Reid 28th Feb 1865. Spos John Keenan & Mgt Keenan. There were six children.

1866 Jan Anne

1869 Feb Fintan

1870 Feb Elizabeth

1872 March Mary

1874 Feb William

1877 Feb Jack

My father Peter Dunne first married Kate Sinnott. They had one girl who was Mary Ann Dunne. She went to live with her uncles Sinnotts after the death of Kate Sinnott. Mary Ann was then 5 yrs old. She is still alive and was here with us when Peter & Melissa was here. She is now 86 yrs. She was married to Jim Delaney.


My mother Mary Dinn married Peter Dunne Ringstown on 22nd Feb 1911 by P. Hogan. Best man was Richard Dunne. Bridesmaid Kate Reid of Clesecullen (?). Peter Dunneís parents were Anne Lacy Mountrath and Peter Dunne. Mary Dinnís parents were Patrick Dinn & Honora Reid of Clonban. This was the first time Dinn was written in the Register. Kate Reid was bridesmaid at my mother & fatherís wedding. She was a second cousin of Honoraís who was my grandfatherís wife.


Kate Reid married Pat Sinnott who was a brother of my step mother. I hope you can understand this scribble. Write again if you need any more information.


Love to all your families

Hope to see you soon


Paddy Dunne


I found a photo of your Grandad also one of Uncle Fint.

P.S. I found a picture your Grandad his wife & Family including your dad. I also have a picture of Fintan Dinn.