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27/28 Bank Place,


Co. Cork





Dear Mrs. Dinn,


Thank you for your query which you sent to us on the 10th July 1998


I carried out several different types of research for you. I first checked for the baptism of a James Walsh in 1855 in the Parish of Mitchelstown and found none. I then did a search ten years either side of the date you provided me with and I was presented with just one possibility but it could not be your James. This James was baptised in Mitchelstown in 1860 to a Thomas Walsh and a Mary Cleary, but he only had one sister, a Julia, and several brothers. This James must not have survived as his parents baptised a second James in 1868


I then carried out a search for a James Walsh baptised any where in our area between the years 1854 and 1856 and I was presented with thirteen possibilities, but only one of these was from a Parish near Mitchelstown, that is the Parish of Kildorrery. This James had a Father John and a Mother Mary Walsh but he had no siblings recorded. I also carried out a search for the baptism of Teresa in the hope that this would lead me to James, but I could not find any Teresa Walsh baptised in this area between the years 1845 and 1865.


My only reason as to why I cannot find this Family is that Mitchelstown is on the border between Counties Cork and Limerick. In Border Parishes it was quite common to utilise a Parish in either of the Counties. You may therefore have more success in trying your research in the County Limerick Heritage Centre, where you need to contact Ms. Maiy Pine, Limerick Archives, The Granary, Limerick City, Ireland


I also carried out a search to see if I could locate the baptisms of James Walsh and Elizabeth Worthington's children and at long last I experienced some success with your query. I found James and Elizabeth's two dauuqhter's baptisms, whose details are as follows:




Winifred 4/4/1897 Fermoy Timothy Gleeson &~

Mary Hannah Gleeson


Honora 11/9/1899 Fermoy Thomas Fenton &

Josephine Christina Holohan




Again my apologies I could find no further information on James Family, I hope that Limerick can help you.


I hope this information will be of further assistance and interest to you. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



Best Regards,




Sar'anne Walsh B..A. Hdip. I.H.M.