The Walsh Family History

By Terence Walsh


In answer to your request here is the story you asked for. …….. ?

Mother born in Tralee County Kerry. Parents were John Worthington and Ann Worthington (nee Quill). This was on Jan 6 1866

Christened in St. John’s Church in Tralee where on 10th February 1884 she married my father James, a soldier in the Royal Munster Fusiliers. His regiment had to go to India in 1884 and he sent mother to live with his father and 5 or 6 sisters in Brooklyn. 8 years later she got permission to join dad in married quarters. Your own father William Walter Walsh was born on 7 Sept 1891 (- also my own birthday in 1908) in SHAHJANPUR. Henry Eric was born 3rd Oct 1895 in CAWNPORE now KANPUR. Two boys died as babies between these two births. One was James Joseph the other Patrick Rolain. They are buried in Cawnpur. Dad served 15 years in India and 4 ˝ in Ireland where Winnie was born in barracks in Fermoy. Dad ….in the Boer War from 1899 to 1901 and another sister for Winnie was born in early 1899 but died when about 4 months. She was Norah – so Dad never saw her. About 1902 the family moved to Bradford. There five boys were born Harold, Gerald, John Francis, Leo and myself Terence. John Francis died when about 2 ˝ years old. Now only two of the family are left, Leo who lives in Victoria, south east of Melbourne in East Newboro, and I, a year younger than he who is now 78


…………….. grandmother Mrs Worthington (to whom Eric had written a few letters) wrote to my mother – her daughter asking for forgiveness for having been so annoyed at her marriage and to come and see her. She was then about 80 of course mother couldn’t go during the war years and in 1918 or 1919 received news of the death of Mrs Worthington in an accident being knocked down by a jaunting car.


So there’s a little history for your Grand daughter.


Then we all married only Winnie who never married, lived in Bradford where mother died in November ’41 [44 ?]. Winnie removed and Ann and I and our two boys lived about 50 yards away. She fell ill and died in 1969. Anne and I went to live in Bingley, where she died in 1976. So I’ve been alone for 14 years but there are many happy memories to recall. Philip live 3 ˝ miles from me and John is a priest at Corpus Christi Church in Wolverhampton



Terence Walsh

Bingley 1990