The Dinn Family Genealogy

Including Mackinder, Walsh and Kershaw

A summary of Mike and Trudy's family tree is available by clicking here.

Each of the highlighted names leads you to a corresponding Family Group sheet.

Highlighted year dates (of birth, marriage, death) take you to the corresponding certificate.

Additional information, such as obituaries, military papers, maps and photoes are also availble by clicking on the relevant highlighted entry.


Most of the families this century come from Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Click here for a map, with some relevant streets highlighted.

For a 141k map of central Bradford showing the locations of the original Catholic churches, viz St Mary's, St Patrick's, St Joseph's, St Peter's and St Ann's, click here

NEW I recently acquired a street map of the centre and west of Bradford. I think it is of the early 50s and so reflects the city layout in much earlier times than the previous map. It has been scanned at 300dpi to make it as legible as possible, but this results in a file of 540k and a large image. If you wish to manipulate it in your own Graphic program, right click the image and select "Save Picture as...". So click here for the map, then wait!


The Mackinders of the 19th century came from Hull, Yorkshire. Click here for a map with some relevant streets highlighted.

Mackinder Births, Marriages and Deaths

A large number of Mackinder St Catherine's BDM entries are available by clicking here. These have mostly been extracted by Jan Gregory, who has done an enormous amount of research on the Mackinder name. So far I have only listed the Mackinders with likely direct connection to me, viz those from Hull, Sculcoates and Bradford.

If you prefer a Microsoft Word ".doc" type file then click here. or in a Zip form here

If you want a Microsoft Excel ".xls" type file click here.or in a Zip form here

1881 Census - Hull and Sculcoates - Mackinder

For an extract from the 1881 census for the Mackinders in Hull and Sculcoates (three families) click here for ".doc" file in Zip form or here for ".xls" file in Zip form. Charles and Caroline are my great grandoparents, and the William and Ellen family might be mine (William being Charles' brother), but he is shown as born in Louth. Note both are shown as butchers, At this stage, I don't think the John and Eliza family are related

The Dinn/Dunne Irish Connection

I have provided here the two major sources of information I have for the Dinn/Dunne ancestry

The Walsh Family

The main source of information on the Walsh family is a letter written by Terence Walsh in 1990

The Mallow Heritage Centre did some research for us in 1998, in particular looking for a record of James Walsh's birth in Mitchelstown. (Family lore has it that he was born there - not far from Fermoy, the base of the Royal Munster Fusiliers). They were not successful, but here is the report on The Walsh Family in Co Cork:

Other research produced James Walsh's Attestation (i.e. enlistment) Papers (1883) and his Discharge Papers (1902). A letter from James to son Willie was written in 1899.

There is also a photo of James Walsh, Elizabeth Worthington and Willie Walsh (Trudy's father) taken in Cawnpore, India in 1895.

Access to various James Walsh memorabilia is available by clicking here

And to photoes of the US Walsh family - NY, Brooklyn and Grand Rapids