Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed4 May 1753VolPageMemorial 
   deed pollDate of earlier deed 16250108422 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1WILSONIsaacofNewry, Co AntrimmerchantA
BbP2P1WILSONJane (ow BELLINGHAM)of wife of A 
CaRP1 bP1 BELLINGHAMHenryofCastle Bellingham, Co LouthEsq, since deceased 
DaRP1 BELLINGHAMMaryof wife of C 
EaRP1 bP3 BELLINGHAMHenryof eldest son of C 
FaRP2 bP4 HENRYHughofDublin cityEsq, since deceased 
GaRP2 HENRYMargaretof spinster, second daughter of F 
HaRP3 bP4 FORTESCUEThomasofReynoldstown, Co LouthEsq 
IaRP3 bP2 BELLINGHAMAllanofDrogheda, Co LouthGent, second son of C 
JaRP4 bP4 HOWISONJamesofDublin cityEsq, since deceased 
KaRP4 bP2WDFORTESCUEJohnofWhiterath, Co Louthclerk 
LbP2 FORTESCUEElizabeth (ow BELLINGHAM)of eldest daughter of C 
MbP2 ASTONThomasof Cornet, late husband of N, deceased 
NbP2 ASTONAbigal (ow BELLINGHAM)of second daughter of C 
ObP2 CLARKWilliam Coddingtonof   
PbP2 CLARKMary (ow BELLINGHAM)of wife of O, third daughter of C 
QbP2 BELLINGHAMMargaretof youngest daughter of C 
R P2BELLINGHAMAnneofCastle Bellingham, Co Louthspinster aunt of B 
S P2BELLINGHAMAbigailofCastle Bellingham, Co Louthspinster aunt of B 
T WD WMBIRCHRobertofDublin citymerchantA
AbstractReciting L + R of 6 + 7 Feb 1838, by the other deed of equal date to deed of relaese B on her marriage with A became entitled to £500 as marriage portion made and secured in the manner therein mentioned; in consideration of £500 to A paid by R + S, A + B transferred to R + S the right to the £500 portion
MS  Date registered5 Jun 1753 Date abstract added20101007 

Abstract made by: nickred