Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed19 Jan 1709VolPageMemorial 
   MDate of earlier deed 44601160 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
AP2LP1DBROWNRobertofStrabane, TYRApothecaryA
B P1DBROWNMargaretofStrabane, TYRMrsA
C P2DKNOXThomasofLoughneska, DONEsq 
D OHAMILTONPatrickofStrabane, TYR  
E OLESLIEJohnofStrabane, TYR  
F OMAXWELLWilliamofStrabane, TYRdecd; Merchant 
G OPATTONJamesofStrabane, TYR  
H OCUNINGHAMSarahofStrabane, TYR  
I OHAMILLHughofStrabane, TYRColonel 
JP1L MOREIsabellofStrabane, TYRWidow 
KP1L CORBETTIsabellofStrabane, TYRWidow 
LP1L McCLELLOUGHHughofStrabane, TYRMerchant 
MP1L McCLELLOUGHRebeccaofStrabane, TYRMrs 
N OBOYDBryceofStrabane, TYRShoemaker 
O OMcGHEEGraceofStrabane, TYR  
P OO'CAHANGraceofStrabane, TYR  
Q OFERIDEJamesofStrabane, TYR  
R OCUMINGHAMJamesofStrabane, TYRCarpenter 
S WD WMMcCAUSLANDOliverofStrabane, TYR  
T WMPOWRDENThomasofStrabane, TYRMerchant 
U WD WMBROWNHughofStrabane, TYRMerchant 
V WMHAMILTONCharlesof   
AbstractComment for person [A] :tenement in Strabane, TYR
Person [B] :wife of A
Person [D] :near neighbour
Person [E] :near neighbour
Person [F] :near neighbour
Person [G] :near neighbour
Person [H] :near neighbour
Person [I] :near neighbour
Person [J] :More als Corbett
Person [K] :More als Corbett
Person [L] :surname unclear
Person [M] :wife of L
Person [N] : 
Person [O] :McGHEE als O'CAHAN
Person [P] :McGHEE als O'CAHAN
Person [Q] :near neighbour
Person [R] :near neighbour
Person [S] : 
Person [T] : 
Person [U] : 
Person [V] : 
MS  Date registered4 May 1710 Date abstract added20130510 

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