Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed13 Dec 1754VolPageMemorial 
   articles of agreement of 4 partsDate of earlier deed6 Dec 1738174370116656 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A WillWALKERWilliamofCity of DublinAlderman, deceased 
B P1WALKERRichardofCity of Dublinmerchant, son of William 
C P1WALKERRebeccaofCity of Dublinspinster, dau of Richard 
D P2DALRYMPLEThomasofCity of DublinGent, attorney at Law 
E P3PHEPOERichardofCity of Dublinbrewer. Trustee marr. settlement 
F P4VARIELLESJamesofCity of Dublinmerchant. Trustee marr. settlement 
G  TIGHERobertofCity of Dublinmerchant 
H  WILSONJamesofParsontown, co Meath & Capel St, Dublin, cnr St Marys LaneEsq. 
I  WILSONIsaacofCity of Dublinclerk to Thomas Dalrymple 
Jprev. owner JERVISHumphreyofCapel St, DublinSir. deceased 
Kprev. owner BROCKEdwardofBrock Lane behind Capel St, Dublincarpenter, deceased 
Lprev. owner WHITEWELLNathanielofFinglas Parish, co DublinSir. deceased. Lord Mayor. o'wise WHITWELL 
Mprev. owner BUTLERRobertofCapel St, DublinEsq. deceased 
Nprev. ownerWillHAYESWilliamofCapel St, Dublindeceased 
O OTAYLORBridgetofCapel St, Dublinwidow 
P OMEARSElizabethofCapel St, Dublinwidow 
Q OMEARSCharlesofCapel St, Dublindeceased 
R OTROTTERSarahof   
S WitGORDONFrederickofCity of DublinApoth. 
T WitADAMSPatrickofCity of Dublinshopkeeper to Frederick GORDON 
U Dep. Reg.SAUNDERSJamesofCity of DublinDep. Reg. 
AbstractMarriage C & D. J leased west side of Capel St to K who assigned to L who assigned to M who assigned to N & by his will to A & B. G & H owed bond to B.
MS  Date registered7 April 1755 Date abstract added20111106 

Abstract made by: SW