Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed24 Apr 1755VolPageMemorial 
   Indented deedDate of earlier deed 196514130907 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1HOLMESThomasofYarmouth, Isle of WightEsq 
B P2LYSAGHTWilliamofClogeen, Co CorkGentA
CP1 FANTNicholasofBallycullandbeg, Co Limerickgent, since deceased 
DaP2 bP1 FOULKDigbyofCurryglass, Co CorkEsq, since deceased 
EO COOPERThomasof   
FbP2 HOLMESThomasofKilmallockEsq, since deceased 
G  HOLMESHenryoflate Isle of WightEsq, deceased, son + heir at law of F 
HcP1 HUNTHenryofFriarstown, Co LimerickGent 
IcPWDFANTJohnof heir of C 
J  WEBBDanielofLibs of Kilmallock, Co Limerickagent of A 
K  HUNTHenry (the elder)ofGortboyEsq, since deceased 
L WDFANTWilliamofLibs of Kilmallock, Co Limerickson of I 
M WD WMKNIGHTJamesofFort, Co CorkGentA
N WD WMBATWELLAndrewofFort, Co CorkGentA
AbstractReciting by deeds of L + R 10 + 11 June 1678 between C + D; b D to F dated 2 + 3 Jan 1682; G came into possession further reciting H on 9 Jan 1747 at insistance of I entitled to redemption paid by J acting as agent for K
MS  Date registered31 Jan 1759 Date abstract added20110212 

Abstract made by: nickred