Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed30 Nov 1758VolPageMemorial 
   WILLDate of earlier deed 20212133868 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A WILLSINGLETONHenryofDublinEsq. dec'd. Master of the Rolls 
B  SINGLETONRowlandof dec'd. bro.of Hy Singleton. Henry was his EXEC 
C  SINGLETONMaryof sis-in-law 
D  SINGLETONPatienceof o'wise Fowke, sis of Henry Singleton. 
E  FOWKEJohnof Snr, husb of Patience Singleton 
F  FOWKESydenhamof eld son of Patience. to take name Singleton 
G EXECFOWKEJohnof Jnr. ygr son of Patience. to take name Singleton 
H  CORBETAnnof Niece of Henry Singleton 
I  CORBETRobertof son of Ann. to take name Singleton 
J  SINGLETONMaryof o'wise Leigh, sis of Henry. 
K  LEIGHFrancisof nephew of Henry Singleton 
L  LEIGHSarahof niece of Henry Singleton. 
M  LEIGHEdwardof Dr. husb of Sarah 
N  LEIGHJohnof g-son of Mary 
O  LEIGHEdwardof g-son of Mary 
P  FOSTERWilliamof nephew of Henry Singleton & TRUSTEE 
Q  YORKECharityof niece of Henry Singleton 
R  YORKEWilliamof Chief Justice Com.Pleas. husb of Charity Yorke 
S  TISDALLMaryof niece of Henry Singleton, sis of Charity Yorke 
T  TISDALLPhilipof Solicitor Gen., husb of Mary 
U  TISDALLElizabethof eld. dau of Mary 
V  TISDALLMaryof 2nd dau of Mary 
W  ROCHFORDSarahof niece of Henry Singleton & her daus. 
X  ROCHFORDArthurof husband of Sarah 
Y EXECMEADEEdwardof nephew of Henry Singleton. EXOR. 
Z  MEADEElizabethof niece of Henry Singleton 
AA  HARDMANEdwardof ALDERMAN. nephew of Henry Singleton 
AB  HARDMANSarahof niece of Henry Singleton 
AC  GARTSIDEAnnof niece of Henry Singleton 
AD  BARLOWAlth.of niece of Henry Singleton 
AE  BARLOWJamesof husb. of Alth. Barlow 
AF  FORDPatienceof niece of Hy Singleton. her dau Mrs Ferguson 
AG  OGLEHenryof ALDERMAN. nephew & Patience niece of H Singleton 
AH  MORRISThomasof & bros Thos & Hy, nephews of Hy Singleton 
AI  MORRISJohnof Capt. nephew of Henry Singleton 
AJ  MADDERRobertof nephew of Henry Singleton 
AK  COLPOISPatienceof wife of John 
AL  HOWARDWilliamof bro Ralph, sis Patience neph & niece of Hy Singleton 
AM WITDAWSONRichardofDublinWit. will of Henry Singleton 
AN WITLODGEJohnofDublinWit. will of Henry Singleton 
AbstractBuried St Peters Church, Drogheda. Description of extensive properties. about 20 other names mentioned. 4 codicils.
MS  Date registered  Date abstract added20111118 

Abstract made by: SW