Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed20 Dec 1765VolPageMemorial 
   LDate of earlier deed7 Nov 1751246351158197 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
AP2 P1P1CALLANPatrickofEarl St, Dublinbricklayer, deceased 
B P1 EXECCALLANCatherineofEarl St, Dublinwidow of Patrick Callan 
CO prev CALLANBryanofEarl St, Dublin  
D P2MAGUIREThomasofCity Dublingent 
EP2 ROERichardof   
FP1 SUMMERSSamuelofPimlico, Dublincloathier 
GO prev PAINESamuelofEarl St, Dublin  
HO adj THOMPSONTownlyofEarl St, Dublin  
IO adj BURKEMrofEarl St, Dublintenants occ. adj 
JO adj TONKINJohnofEarl St, Dublin  
KO adj GREENHAWWilliamofEarl St, Dublin  
LO adj COPPOCKJohnofEarl St, Dublin  
MO adj RUSSELLThomasofEarl St, Dublin  
NO adj GLADWELLJamesofEarl St, Dublinwarehouse 
O WDFITZGERALDWilliamofCity Dublingent 
P WD WMBROWNEIgnatiusofCity Dublingent 
Q REGMEARESCharlesofDublinDep Reg 
AbstractHouse "Sign of the George" on north-side Earl St, Liberties of Thomas Court and Donore, Dublin
MS  Date registered23 Dec 1765 Date abstract added20120316 

Abstract made by: SW