Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed17 Jul 1765VolPageMemorial 
   Marriage settlementDate of earlier deed13 Aug 176224873158441 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1WHITNEYThomasofBush Park, co WexfordThe Elder, gent. 
B  WHITNEYMarthaofBush Park, co Wexfordwife of Thomas Whitney, the elder 
C P3WHITNEYThomasofBush Park, co WexfordThe Younger 
D  WHITNEYMaryofBush Park, co Wexford  
E P2GILLMargaretofEnniscorthy, co Wexfordwidow 
F P2GILLFrancisofEnniscorthy, co Wexforddau of Margaret Gill 
G  GILLThomasofEnniscorthy, co Wexfordbro of Frances & Athea Gill 
H  GILLAtheaofEnniscorthy, co Wexfordo'wise Annesly, sister of Frances & Thomas Gill 
I  ANNESLYAtheaofEnniscorthy, co Wexfordo'wise GILL, sister of Frances & Thomas Gill 
J WD WMANNESLYPhillipofEnniscorthy, co Wexfordgent 
K WDHUSONBenjaminofEnniscorthy, co Wexfordgent 
L  KAVANAGHANG.ofWexfordJustice Peace 
M  NUNNJoshuaofWexfordJustice Peace 
N  VICARYRichardofWexfordCommissioner, Court Exchequer 
Abstract60acres Bush Park. Earls Mills & Monglass, co Wexford
MSMS Date registered20 Jan 1766 Date abstract added20120205 

Abstract made by: SW