Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed3 Jun 1766VolPageMemorial 
   Marriage settlement. L + RDate of earlier deed24 Jan 1698248513160736 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1DOYLECharlesofBramblestown, co KilkennyEsq 
BP1 DOYLEWilliamof Esq. eld son of Charles Doyle 
C P2VANDELEURCroftonofCity of DublinEsq 
DP3P2VANDELEURJohn OrmsbyofCity of DublinEsq 
EP2 VANDELEURJohnoflate of City of Dublindeceased 
FP2 VANDELEURFrancesofCity of Dublinwidow of John VANDELEUR 
GP2 VANDELEURElizabeth FrancesofCity of Dublineld dau of John & Frances Vandeleur 
HP3 VANDELEURCroftonof   
IP4 VANDELEURRichardofRutland, Kings CoEsq 
JP4 BUSHEThomasofKilmurry, co KilkennyRev. 
KP5 WHALEYRichard ChappelofCity of DublinEsq 
LP5 DEANECharles DoyneofLeighlin  
M  PURCELLPatrickof   
N  FITZGERALDWalterof   
O WDGOWRANJohnofco KilkennyEsq 
P WDGREENENuttallofCowrange, co KilkennyEsq 
Q WD WMONEILLJamesofCity of Dublinwriting clerk 
R REGMEARESCharlesofDublinDep Reg 
AbstractMarriage B & G. Extensive lands listed, with lease dates & details
MSMS Date registered13 June 1766 Date abstract added20120225 

Abstract made by: SW