Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed3 Nov 1766VolPageMemorial 
   Separation. AlimonyDate of earlier deed8 Sep 1750247406162619 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A lifeDALYMrof[ Rayford ? ]Esq. father of Denis Daly 
B P1DALYDenisofRathmore, co Galwayhusband of Ann Smith Bourke / Burke / DeBurgh 
C P2DALYAnnof Lady. o'wise Smith Burke, o'wise Bourk. wife of Denis Daly 
D P2BURKEAnn Smithof Lady. o'wise Daly. o'wise Bourke. wife of Denis Daly 
E P2BOURKEAnnof Lady. o'wise Daly. o'wise Burke. wife of Denis Daly 
F P2TALBOTRichardofMount Talbot, co RoscommonColonel on behalf of Lady Daly 
G P2TALBOTWilliamofMount Talbot, co RoscommonEsq. on behalf of Lady Daly 
H P2 TRUSTEEBOURKEThomasof Hon., uncle & TRUSTEE of Lady Ann Daly 
I  CLANRICARDEJohn Smith Earlof o'wise DeBurgh or Burke or Bourke. Rt. Hon.[11th Earl] bro of Lady Ann Daly 
J  BURGHJohn Smith Deof o'wise Burke or Bourke. Rt Hon. bro of Lady Ann Daly 
K  BOURKEJohn Smithof [o'wise 11th Earl Clanricarde] o'wise Burke, o'wise DeBurgh, bro of Lady Ann Daly 
L  BURKEJohn Smithof [o'wise 11th Earl Clanricarde] p'wise Bourke, o'wise DeBurgh, bro of Lady Ann Daly 
M WDBURKEThomasofDonmore, co GalwayEsq 
N WDBOURKEPatrickofPortumna, co Galwaygent 
O WDFLAHERTYJohnofPortumna, co Galwaygent 
P WD WMLYNCHFrancisofLoughrea, co Galwaygent 
Q WDLYNCHJamesofLoughrea, co Galwayglover 
R  CONCANENJohnofCircuit Court, Loughrea, co GalwayCommissioner 
S  PIGOTTWilliamofCircuit Court, Loughrea, co GalwayJustice 
T  PERSSEFrancisofCircuit Court, Loughrea, co GalwayJustice 
AbstractB & C agreed on a separation
MS  Date registered11 Nov 1766 Date abstract added20120401 

Abstract made by: SW