Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed6 Mar 1718VolPageMemorial 
   IndentureDate of earlier deed 318618274 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1LEVINGERichardofDublin, and Parwich, County Darby, EnglandKnight and BaronetA
B P1LEVINGEMaryof Wife of A, Dame Mary 
C P1PARKERThomasofMacklesfield, Great BritainBaron of Macklesfield, Lord High Chancelor of Great Britain 
D P5WASHINGTON ofFeviersRt. Hon. Earl of Feviers 
E P5FORBESGeorgeofGranard, IrelandRt. Hon. Lord, eldest son and heir of F 
F  ARTHUR ofGranard, IrelandDeceased, Earl of Granard, Ireland 
G P5FORWARDWilliamofCastle Forward, County DonegalEsq 
H P2LEVINGERichard (jr)of Eldest son of A 
I P2RAWDONIsabellaofMoyrah, County DownSprinster, Only sister of J 
J P2RAWDONJohnofMoyrah, County DownBaronet 
K P3LEVINGESamuelofInner Temple, LondonGent 
L P4KNIGHTThomasofInner Temple, LondonEsq 
M WDCOGHILLMarmadukeofCity of DublinEsq, Doctor of Laws 
N WDPRICENicholasofHollymount, County DownEsq 
O WMKENNEDYWilliamofMullo, County LongfordEsq 
P P6COGHILLJamesofCity of DublinEsq 
Q WMPARKERWilliamof Gent 
AbstractExtremely complicated sexpartite lease to vest possession of lands too numerous to list, County Westmeath. Part of a marriage settlement between H and I dated 24 January, 1720.
MS  Date registered8 May 1721 Date abstract added20101129 

Abstract made by: Dawn