Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed16 Jul 1836VolPageMemorial 
   ConveyanceDate of earlier deed2 Nov 179518361420183614020 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1HENNWilliamof Master of Court of Chancery 
B P2NEWCOMBEJamesofBallymoney, Kings Coeldest son & heir William Newcombe 
C P3BRETTMatthewofCity of Dublinattorney, gent 
D P4DOOLEYThomasofCity of Dublinattorney at law 
E P5FAWCETTBenjaminofRaheenbeg, Kings CoEsq 
F P6FAWCETTWilliamofAthlone, Co WestmeathEsq, eldest s/o Ben Fawcett snr 
G P7MOLLOYMichaelofTullamore, Kings CoEsq 
HP1 DIGBYWilliamofGeashill, Kings CoRev, Dean of Clonfert, 1795 deed 
IP2 SHAWESylvesterofRaheenbeg, Kings CoEsq; 1795, 1802, 1805, 1810 deeds 
J  PORTERMarthaofBallintogher, Kings Cowidow, 1802 deed 
K  FAWCETTBenjaminofPortarlington, Queens CoEsq, deceased; father of Wm & Ben jnr; 1805, 1810 deeds 
L  NEWCOMBEWIlliamofBallychristal, Kings Codeceased; h/o Elizabeth; 1802 deed 
M  NEWCOMBEElizabethof widow of William; 1805, 1810 deeds 
N  MERCIERCottrellof 1810, 1815 deeds 
O  FAWCETTCharlesof s/o Ben Fawcett snr, deceased, unmarried 
P  FAWCETTGeorgeof s/o Ben Fawcett snr, deceased, unmarried 
Q  COFFEYCatherineof in receipt of an annuity 
R WMARAJeremiahofCity of Dublinattorney 
S WBURKEThomasof11 Talbot St, Dublinwriting clerk to Jeremiah Mara 
AbstractComplicated money issues involving land at Raheenbeg, Kings Co; 11 deeds, 1 judgement & 2 orders listed
MS  Date registered26 July 1836 Date abstract added20120619 

Abstract made by: aroha