Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed17 Jul 1841VolPageMemorial 
   indented deedDate of earlier deed19 Dec 1724184215235184215235 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1POUNDENPatrick (Rev)ofWestport MAYclerkA
B P2POUNDENAliceofDublinwidow 
C P3CROKERMaryofBeaufield WEXwidow 
D P3CROKERMichael (Rev)of clerk, child of CA
E P3CROKERJohnof Esq, child of C 
F P3CROKERGeorgeof Esq, child of C 
G P3CROKERRichard Aubinof Esq, child of C 
H P3MCGHEERobert James (Rev)ofPlatanus in Dublin cityclerk 
I P4POUNDENJane MariaofDublinspinsterA
J P5AUBINPhilipof major in HM's 57th Regiment of FootA
K P5AUBINFrances (ow POUNDEN)of wife of JA
K P5POUNDENFrances see - 'AUBIN'of wife of JA
L P5MARTINHenry (Rev)ofAughrim GALclerk 
M P6HYDEFrancesofWexford WEXspinster 
N P7HELY-HUNCHINSONJohnof Rt Hon Earl of Donoughmore, exor and heir at law of O 
O  HELY-HUNCHINSONFrancisofDublinEsq, deceased 
P P8, P9BRADDELLThomasofProspect WEXEsq, heir at law of Q, executor of will of Q 
Q  BRADDELLGeorgeof Esq, deceased 
R P9BRADDELLMaryofDublinwidow 
S P10SPARROWJosephofDublinEsq 
T P11CRAWFORDAndrewofDublinEsq 
U WD WMWALKERTorton SamuelofLeeson St, Dublinsolicitor 
V WDBAILIERichardofDublinsolicitor 
W WMWILLIAMSC VofPembertob, Shropshire  
X WMWHITEJamesofGardiners Place, DublinEsq 
Y RegFLASCOCKWalterof Esq, ass regr 
AbstractParties 1 to 10 confirmed and released to P11 lands of Tanduff, By of Bantny WEX, 80ac plus other lands in WEX; held by lease 8 Feb 1772 for respective lives, original deed 19 Dec 1724; perpetual renewal, in trust for I other trust for D
MS  Date registered4 Aug 1842 Date abstract added20070401 

Abstract made by: nickred