Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed2 Jan 1847VolPageMemorial 
   indentureDate of earlier deed 184702252184702252 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1BROWNEJohn GardeofCoolcower House, Co CorkEsq, barrister-at-lawA
B P2CROKEREdwardofLisfinny, Co WaterfordEsq 
C P2CROKERMary Francesof spinster, eldest daughter of B + D 
D  CROKERFrances (ow PYNE)of wife of B 
E P3BROWNEWilliam GardeofCoolcower House, Co CorkEsq, barrister-at-law, admor of F 
F  BROWNEIsabella Gardeof sister pf E 
G P4BROWNELouisa Jane GardeofCoolcower House, Co CorkspinsterA
H P4BROWNFrances Dorothea GardeofCoolcower House, Co CorkspinsterA
I P5CROKERCharles Philip[s]ofMerion Square, Dublin cityDr medicine 
J P5BROWNEHenry Thomas GardeofCoolcower House, Co Cork  
KP BROWNEJohnof Esq, father of A 
LP BROWNEJane (ow GARDE)of   
M mentionedHARDYHenryof   
N mentionedGARDEWilliamof deceased 
O mentionedHARDINGThomasof   
P mentionedLYMBURYJohnof   
Q mentionedCROOKEWilliamofKildory, Co CorkEsq 
R mentionedCROOKEThomas Epiretus (jun)ofKildory, Co Cork  
S mentionedPYNEJasperof   
T mentionedPYNEWilliam Masters (Rev)ofOxted, Surreyclerk 
U mentionedPYNEArthurofBallyvordaneEsq 
V WD WM[PYNE]Jasper (Joseph crossed out) M PAYNEofBallyvordaneEsqA
W WD WMPENNEFATHERRichardofBallyvordaneLt 87th FootA
AbstractMS A + C reciting settlement 20 Apr 1811 MS of K + L. K's last will dated 24 Jun 1820 codicil 14 Mar 1825, K died 16 Jun 1830. A judgemoent against Q + R £462
MS  Date registered1847 Date abstract added20120616 

Abstract made by: nickred