Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed29 Mar 1848VolPageMemorial 
   Indented Deed of ConveyanceDate of earlier deed1 May 1824184807170184807170 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1STEWARTAlexanderofLigoneil, County AntrimInfant son and heir of BA
B  STEWARTJohnofBelfast, then CanadaMerchant, Deceased 
C P2STEWARTHarrietofBelfast, County AntrimSpinster Administratrix of estate of BA
D P3ARTHURRobertofLower Gardiner Street, City of DublinGent, Attorney at Law 
E P3ARTHURGertrude Meredith (ow HAWTHORN)of Wife of D 
F P4DOUGLASSMaryofBallybentrain, County AntrimWidow, Executrix of estate of G 
G  DOUGLASSSamuelofBallybentra, County AntrimGent, Deceased 
H P4WYLIEEzekiel DavysofBallycushin, County AntrimGent, Executor of estate of G 
I P5ARTHURAlexanderofBelfast, County AntrimGent 
J P5BARKLIERobertofLower Gardiner Street, City of DublinGent 
KP2 STEWARTJohnof Trustee of marriage settlement between D and E 
LP2 FRENCHJohnof Trustee of marriage settlement between D and E 
MP1 DONEGALLMarquis ofof   
N  BROOKEWilliamof Esq, Master in report dated 17 Mar 1848 
OP2 CHICHESTERHamilton Francisof Lord, Surviving cestique vies in original lease of 1 May 1824 
PP2 CHICHESTERJohn Ludfordof Lord, Surviving cestique vies in original lease of 1 May 1824 
QP1 ROYAL_FAMILYAlbertof Prince of Saxe Coburg Gotha 
R WMMILFORDHenryofBelfast, County AntrimSolicitor 
S WMKILMARTINThomasofBelfast, County AntrimWriting clerk 
T WMVENABLESJohnofPortland Place, DublinClerk to D 
U PresentSIMMSWilliamof Commissioner 
V PresentWHITEWilliamof   
AbstractReciting marriage setllement of 1 Nov 1826 concerning D and E, also reciting Mortgage dated 30 Oct 1827 between G and D and E, by which G released to K and L the farm land part of the Townland of Ballybentra, Parish of Nilteen, Barony and County of Antrim. Indenture of Lease dated 1 May 1824 subject to repayment of 923 pounds, renewed 23 April 1841 made by M to K and L, reciting an order dated 8 Feb 1848 in the matter of E,D,I,J Petitioners. Report of N in this matter released to I and J the lands of Ballybentra formerly in possession of G for natural lives of O and P from M.
MS  Date registered31 Mar 1848 Date abstract added20110511 

Abstract made by: Dawn