Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed30 Jun 1720VolPageMemorial 
   ReleaseDate of earlier deed 3030718696 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1CAMPBELLCharlesofCity of Dublin  
B P2PIPPARDGeorgeofDrogheda, merchant  
CP TALBOTDraycottofMornanton, Co Meath  
EP1 DRAYCOTTHenryof   
FP2 PIPPARDChristopherof   
GP CUSACKThomasof   
H WCOLVILLWilliamofCity of Dublin  
I WWORTHINGTONBruenofCity of DublinNP 
Abstractendorsed on deed dated 12 May 1720 In original deed, B paid C £200 & D agreed to execute leases on Roughgrange & Corballis, By Duleek, Co Meath, to any Protestant capable of taking the same & that D, mortgagee of said premise shall join in the lease or leases provided they contain the same covenants + rents as the leases made by E to F for Roughgrange at £50 pa & to G for Corballis at £30 pa, the leases not to exceed 99 years. A has bought the reversion from C + is now paying B £460, B releasing A from the clauses in said deed.
MS  Date registered1 Jul 1721 Date abstract added20111231 

Abstract made by: AnneChamney