Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed15 Sep 1717VolPageMemorial 
   Last Will and TestamentDate of earlier deed 3118318697 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1KNOXThomasofLougheaske, County DonegalAuthor of Will 
B BeneficiaryYOUNGKatherine (ow KNOX)of Sister of A, Executrix of Will 
C BeneficiaryYOUNGJohnof Son of B, Executor of Will 
D BeneficiaryNESBITTAlexanderof Attorney for AA
E BeneficiaryYOUNGThomasof Son of B 
F BeneficiarySHORTLettice (ow KNOX)of Sister of A 
G BeneficiaryPARKEElizabeth (ow KNOX)of Sister of A 
H BeneficiaryMANSFIELDRichardof Cousin of A 
I BeneficiaryHAMILTONPattof Uncle of A 
J BeneficiaryHAMILTONGeorgeof Son of I 
K BeneficiaryYOUNGCreightonof   
L BeneficiaryKNOXThomasof Son of M 
M  KNOXGeorgeof Father of L 
N BeneficiaryKNOXLetticeof Cousin of A 
O  KNOXCharlesof Brother of A 
P BeneficiaryKNOXCharles jrof Son of O 
Q BeneficiaryMANSFIELDRalphof Cousin of A 
R BeneficiaryMANSFIELDFrancisof Cousin of A 
S BeneficiaryMANSFIELDCharlesof Cousin of A 
T BeneficiaryWILSONJamesof Servant of A 
U BeneficiaryDIXONJennyof Cousin of A 
V BeneficiaryMCCAUSLANDJohnof Captain 
W BeneficiaryNUGENTOliverof   
X BeneficiaryKNOXAndrewof Brother of M 
Y BeneficiaryHAMILTONJamesofBrownhallCaptain 
Z BeneficiaryHAMILTONAbrahamof Brother of Y 
AA BeneficiaryHAMILTONJamesofLough McHallCousin of A 
AB BeneficiaryHAMILTONArchyof Nephew of AA 
AC BeneficiaryBROWNThomasof   
AD BeneficiaryBROWNJennyof Sister of AC 
AE BeneficiaryBROWNIsaiahof   
AF BeneficiaryKNOXRebeccaof   
AG BeneficiaryMURRAYAlexanderofBroughtonEsq 
AH BeneficiaryCARLETONGuyof Major 
AI BeneficiaryCARLETONChristopherof Brother of AH 
AJ BeneficiaryDIXONLetticeof Sister of U 
AK BeneficiaryHAMILTONWilliamofKilleller  
AL WitnessBUSTARDRobertofCounty DonegalGent 
AM WitnessGORELLHenryofCounty Donegal  
AN WitnessWOODWARDJohnofCounty DonegalYeoman 
Abstract*Pages are incorrectly numbered; this is the second page 183 in this volume. The Will of A, who left his horses, swords, rings, dogs, to his many friends and relatives. A wished to be buried in the Church of Killimard, and left money for the Poor of this Parish. A also left part of his estate to his reputed child (no name given) then in the care of G. Witnesses to the Memorial were Isaac Walsh and Robert Wallis.
MS  Date registered1 July 1721 Date abstract added20110601 

Abstract made by: Dawn