Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed31 Mar 1892VolPageMemorial 
   IndentureDate of earlier deed 189215142189215142 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1MACKEYFrancis John Edmunde Boydeof28 East Mount Road, YorkClerk in Holy OrdersA
B P2PRICEHughof34 Great James St, LondonderryHardware Merchant 
C P3PRICEAndrewofCraigalappin, Co Antrimfarmer 
D P4PRICEMargaretofCraigalappin, Co AntrimWidow 
E P5PRICEWilliamofSouthhold, Elgin County, Ontario, Canadamerchant 
F P6PRICEHughofSouthhold, Elgin County, Ontario, Canadamerchant 
GP11 LYLESamuelof Rev 
HP1 PRICERobertof now deceased 
IP2 GIVENDanielof   
JP3 WRAYGeorge Atkinsonof   
KP4 PRICEJohnof   
LP5 ANDERSONElizabethof   
MP6 ANDERSONJohn Cuppageof   
NP7 PRICECharlesof   
PP9 SHARPEWilliamof   
QP10 MACKEYMarionof   
R WD WMDOWNEYCharlesofYork, EnglandSolicitor's ClerkA
S WD WMHINDRobertofYork, EnglandLaw StationerA
AbstractB C D E + F made payment to A, to clear debts against which lands in Craigalappin and Ballinlea, granted by J L + M to K + N, had been previously mortgaged to secure debts due to other parties
MS  Date registered4 Apr 1892 Date abstract added20110608 

Abstract made by: RonPrice