Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed31 Oct 1721VolPageMemorial 
   DeedDate of earlier deed 331819491 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
AP2P1BUNBURYWalterofCity of Dublin  
BP1P1BUNBURYDame Elizabeth (ow IRWIN, LOFTUS, BROUGHTON)of wife of A 
C P2KENNEDYJamesofCity of Dublin  
D mentionedBOLTONThomasofCity of Dublinalderman 
E mentionedBOLTONJohnof DD, Dean of Derry 
F mentionedLOFTUSDr Dudleyof late husband of B 
G mentionedMILBURNThomasof   
H mentionedADAIRRobert (Sir)of knight 
IEP1 ERWINWilliamof   
JEP1 IRWINChristopherof Dr of Physick 
Kmentioned IRWINGerald (Sir)of deceased 
LP3 RAYMONDRobert (Sir)of   
MP3 BUNBURYNicholasof   
N  WILDINGRichardofCity of Dublin  
O WARMSTRONGCharlesofCity of Dublin  
P WTHOMPSONDavidofCity of Dublincarpenter 
Q WKENNEDYJohnofCity of Dublin  
R WBARRYWillof scrivener 
AbstractB when a widow, in Michaelmas Term 1716 obtained a decree in the Court of Chancery against D + E B to have the One Tun Tavern with garden & stables, Blind Key, Dublin, under the will of F and the rent thereof of £55 pa during the lease made by G, & after expiration of the lease to receive the rents for her lifetime, also 1/3 of the rest of Fs estate for life, subject to a 1/5 part of a mortgage due to the Blue Coat Hospital & assigned to A. B should also recover 1/3 of the personal estate of F from E. Also, B, in the name of Elizabeth Broughton, widow, in Easter Term 1718 obtained a judgement in the Court of Common Pleas against H for £500 + costs. Also, B was instituted to the equity of redemption on property in Co Antrim & in Coleraine. I + J, by articles dated 31 (gap) 1689 bound themselves to pay B 1/3 of the real estate of K, B also has considerable personal estate. Before A + B married, it was agreed that Bs property should be vested in trustees and not in A, nor should it be used to pay his debts. Pursuant to the agreement, before the marriage, B by indenture tripartite dated 29 Dec 1719 between B, A (P2), L + M + others (P3), made over all her property & claims to the trustees for life. C, to cover the proper debts of B before her marriage with A, became bound with B + A to N, in a bond for £200 for the payment of £100 + interest at a time long past. Money still owing and B + A now owe C a total of £556:11s:6d for goods + merchandise & money lent by him. C to have the above property as security for a mortgage for the outstanding debt.
MS  Date registered14 Nov 1721 Date abstract added20120304 

Abstract made by: AnneChamney