Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed27 May 1773VolPageMemorial 
   Indented deeds of lease + releaseDate of earlier deed 29875196552 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A RP1LEDWICHEdward (Rev)of LLD, Dean of Kildare and Prependary of St Minchans DublinA
B RP1ANTROBUSSarahofDublin cityspinster, devisee + executrix of CA
CP4 ANTROBUSJohn (Rev)oflate of Dublin cityDD, deceased 
D RP2CROKERThomasofDublin cityEsq, Exor of E 
EP5 CROKERJohnofDublin cityGent, deceased 
F RP2SWEENYElizabeth (ANTROBUS)of widow + exor of G + exor of H + I 
G  SWEENYMichaelofDublin cityAlderman, deceased 
H  ANTROBUSHusofDublin cityGent, deceased 
I  ANTROBUSCharlesofDublin cityGent, deceased 
J RP2HOMANGeorgeofShoorock, Co WestmeathEsq, Exor of K 
K  HOMANElizabethof late wife of J 
L RP2HOMANPhilipof child of J + K 
M RP2HOMANRichardof child of J + K 
N RP2MARSHPeter (Rev)ofBallyminton, Co Offaly (King's Co)  
O RP2MARSHEllen (ow HOMAN)of wife of N, child of J + K 
P RP2HOMANMaryof child of J + K 
Q RP2HOMANAnnof child of J + K 
R RP3CRUISEAnthonyofDryman, Co DublinGent 
S RP3CRUISEBridget (ow RUSSELL)of wife of R, only child + heir at law of T 
TP3 RUSSELLRobertofDryman, Co DublinGent, deceased, only son + heir of Y + Z 
UP1 WILSONThomasofDublin cityEsq, Exor of V 
V  HAYDENSamuelofDublin cityEsq, deceased 
WP2 SKENECatherine (ow HEYDON)of only child + heiress of X 
X  HAYDENSamueloftown of WicklowGent, deceased, nephew of V 
YP3 RUSSELLPatrickofDryman, Co DublinGent 
Z  RUSSELLBridgetof late wife of Y, deceased 
AA WD WMSHERIDANJames PluncketofDublin cityGentA
AB WD WMFINEGANHughofDublin cityGentA
Abstractthe release reciting deeds of L + R of 1 + 2 Oct 1744 between U + W as infant child of V under 21 and other parties mortgage of lands including Dryman, Present discharge of mortgage A to S with others agreeing
MS  Date registered19 Jun 1773 Date abstract added20100425 

Abstract made by: nickred