Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed16 May 1782VolPageMemorial 
   Articles of AgreementDate of earlier deed 346301231906 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
1 REGKELLYWilliamofCity of DublinGentA
2 P3AKIRKPATRICKAlexander the elderofDromcondra, Co DublinEsqA
3 P4AKIRKPATRICKAlexander the youngerofCity of DublinMerchantA
4 P3AKIRKPATRICKJaneof SpinsterA
5 WD, WMSMITHWilliamofCity of DublinGentA
6 P4ASTEVELLYGeorgeofCity of CorkMerchantA
7 WD, WMSTEVELLYJonesofCity of DublinGentA
8 P1ASTEVELLYRobertofCity of CorkMerchantA
9 P2ASTEVELLYRobert the youngerofCity of CorkMerchantA
AbstractComment for person [1] :Deputy Registrar of Deeds, Registry Office, Lower Castle Yard, Dublin.
Person [2] : 
Person [3] :Son of Alexander Kirkpatrick the elder. Joint Executor of the Agreement.
Person [4] :Daughter of Alexander Kirkpatrick the elder. Shortly intends to marry Robert Stevellly the younger.
Person [5] : 
Person [6] :Son of Robert Stevelly the elder. Joint Executor of the Agreement.
Person [7] : 
Person [8] : 
Person [9] :Eldest son of Robert Stevelly. Shortly intends to marry Jane Kirkpatrick. Robert agrees to pay Jane £3000 sterling within 6 months of his death, should she survive him. This can also pass to the issue of the marriage, should they survive him.
MS  Date registered23 May 1782 Date abstract added20070401 

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