Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed2 Mar 1782VolPageMemorial 
   ID conveyanceDate of earlier deed 3509232824 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
AbP2P1SMITHWICKPatrickofBallycarron, Co TipperaryGent, third son of FA
BbP4P1SMITHWICKJane (ow EVANS)of wife of A, eldest daughter of H 
C P1SMITHWICKPeterofBallycarron, Co Tipperaryeldest and only son + heir at law of A, aged 21+A
D P2SMITHWICKThomasofBanrlough, Co TipperaryGent 
EaP1 FOULKEAnnoflate Youghall, Co Corkwidow, deceased 
FaP2 bP1 SMITHWICKPeterofKilduff, co LimerickGent, deceased 
G O prevBUTLERDavidof   
HbP3 EVANSGeorgeoflate Newtown, Co LimerickGent 
I WD WMEVANSRobertofTipperary townGentA
J WD WMSMITHWICKHumphreyofCurraghana, Co TipperaryGentA
K RegDWYERJohnof Commr for taking affadavits in County 
L W RegBAKERWilliamof Justice present 
M W RegBUNBURYBenjaminof Justice present 
Abstractreciting E did demise to F, part of Ballcanon lately held by G containing 140ac in Barony of Clanwilliam and reciting indented articles on intermarriage (mem 128125) F part 1, A P2, H P3, BP4 MS A + B; F transerref to A lands of Ballymacarron for life without impeachment of waste remainder to issue of marriage, remainder to right heirs of F, there were 4 daughters of A + B: Current deed is to stop entail lands to D for ever sworn at Tipperary 25 May 1782
MS  Date registered27 Jul 1782 Date abstract added20130324 

Abstract made by: nickred