Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed16 Jun 1783VolPageMemorial 
   deedDate of earlier deed 352121236909 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
AaL bLP1DREWAnna Maria (ow GODFREY)of widow devise executrix of B 
BaP1 bP1 cP1 DREWJohnoflate of Fieldhouse, Co LimerickEsq, deceased 
CaL cLP2DREWBarryofDrewsCourt, Co LimerickEsqA
DaP2 DREWLeonardof   
EaL bL DREWFrancisof son + heir of C 
FbP2 cP2 WATSONHenryof   
GbL DREWJohnof son of H, deceased 
H  DREWRingroseof   
IdP2 LANGFORDJohnof   
JdL LANGFORDJohnof son of I 
KdL LANGFORDAnnaof daughter of I 
L WDGARDEThomasofDublin cityGent 
M WD WMFRANKSThomasofDublin cityGentA
N WMHARMANThomasofDublin cityclerk to NA
AbstractA for the consideration therein mentioned annulled, made vois or surrendered to B one indenture of 24 Apr 1765 being a grant or demise from B to D of Parkagurrane ow Fieldhouse and 4 fields called Canneys field bounded as in thesaid lease for lives of C, E + A, another indenture of 28 Oct 1770 being a demise 28 Oct 1770 from B to F of part of Drews Court called Doon; demise of part of Drews Court called Gullyswood from B to F for lives A, C + E; other similar deed; deed B to I 7 May 1779 part of Drews court called East Wood Woodfield for lives A, J + K; deeds in trust for A
MS  Date registered18 Jun 1783 Date abstract added20110702 

Abstract made by: nickred