Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed19 Aug 1722VolPageMemorial 
   assignment by 3rd endorsementDate of earlier deed 3752824064 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A  BOWLESJohnofDublin city; admon de bonis of all goods & chattels of DMerchA
B  FLEESONThomasofDublin cityStationer 
C  BOWLESDorcas ats BOWLESofwife of A; admon de bonis of all goods & chattels of D  
D  BOWLESThomas Jun`rofjust late of Dublin city; Dec'dGent 
E  STOYLEJohnofDublin cityAld'n 
F  HAYESWilliamofDublin cityGent 
G OCARTER of Widow 
H OMEVILLGarreof   
I OCOLLINSGabrielof Shoemaker 
J OBARRYMathewoflately deceasedEsq. 
K OCARRICKSimonof Shoemaker 
L ONONEVicars Chorrall of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin cityof   
M ONONEChancelor of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin cityof   
N OPOTTER of Capt. 
O ONONEDisolved House of St Mary`s Abbyof   
O OPLUNKETTWalterof Sir 
17 WD WMCOOKEThomas Jun`rofDublin cityPublick Notary 
18 REGPARRYWilliamof Dep. Reg`r 
19 WD WMSHERWOODJosephofDublin cityGent 
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MS  Date registered20 Aug 1723 Date abstract added20120116 

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