Abstract of Deed


   Type of deedDate of current deed7 Jul 1786VolPageMemorial 
   I of L + RDate of earlier deed 381546252716 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1L; P1RANNESLEYArthurofBletchington, OXF, GBEsq. 
Btrustee in marr sett of A&DP2L; P2RHARDYSarahofS__ick, KENT, GB  
Ctrustee in marr sett of A&DP2L; P2RPAUNCIFORTEdwardofNewtoncan St, pa St. Mary Le Bone, MIDDLESEX, GBEsq. 
D P1RANNESLEYCatherine orse HARDYofnow wife of A  
E P3L;P7RKERDavidofPorta__, DOWEsq. 
F P3RANNESLEYFrancisof fellow of All Saints Coll, Oxford 
G P3RWARDECharlesofWedrum, KENT, GBEsq. 
H P3RWARDEAnne formerly ANNESLEYofsister of A  
I P3RANNESLEYElizabethofsister of ASpinster 
Jsurviving trusteeP4RATTLEYThomasofPitchford SALOP, GBEsq. 
KTrustee in indentures 20Sep1781 11Feb1785P5RANNESLEYThomasofBa__, OXFORD, GBRev. 
LTrustee in indentures 20Sep1781 11Feb1785P5RANNESLEYMartinofReading, BERKS, GBGent 
M P6RWARDEJohnofIgneerie in pa of Wstdrum, KENT, GB  
N P8RARTHURAlexanderofBelfast, ANTGent 
O  POWYSHenryof   
16 REGBLACKGeorgeof   
17 WBREWIE(?)Johnofservant ot E  
18 REGBROWNJohnof   
19 WHEAREJamesofBelfast, ANTwriting clerk 
20 REGJOYHenryof   
21 WMCCLEVERTYWilliamofDiocese of Down, ANTRev., Clerke 
22 WPURVISJohnof   
23 WWHITEJosephofLincoln's Inn, Middlesex, GBGent 
AbstractComment for person [A] :ABC unto E of sev'l named lands in DOWN for ever; JKLO unto E of named lands according to leases; A in Mich's term to levy fines for use of E & to suffer one or more recoverys wherein N should be Demandent?, E tenant and A voucher.
Person [16] : 
Person [17] : 
Person [18] : 
Person [19] : 
Person [20] : 
Person [21] : 
Person [22] : 
Person [23] : 
MS  Date registered1786-8-24 Date abstract added20110527 

Abstract made by: VancouverMike